Why partner with Cezanne HR?

Cezanne HR is designed for mid-sized businesses (200 or more employees) looking for the range of features and options that HR systems aimed at smaller companies can’t deliver, but at a fraction of the cost of enterprise HR applications.

By partnering with Cezanne HR, you can offer your clients a robust, modern and modular HR solution that combines impressive functionality with easy configuration options and a constant program of automatic updates that ensures their system will fit them today and tomorrow.

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Referral partners

Feel that Cezanne HR could be the perfect fit for your customers, but don’t see an HR solution as part of your own portfolio? We offer a formal referral program for those who recommend Cezanne HR.

OEM partners

Want to stay close to your own clients and offer Cezanne HR as an extension of your own services? Once we’ve helped you get up to speed, you’ll typically sell, implement, train and provide first line support for all of your customers.

Integration partners

Interested in developing an integration with Cezanne HR? By building an integration making use of our open API you can make it easy for your customers to utilise your solution in conjunction with ours.
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If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, please contact one of our offices or email partners@cezannehr.com.