Cezanne HR language availability

Designed as a multi-country HR system from the start, Cezanne HR is provided in these languages at no extra charge. Please contact us if you would like to discuss additional translations.





US English




No translation shortcuts

We work hard to make sure your Cezanne HR system is the best it can be. All of our translations are made by native language speakers. You won’t need to worry that the quality or usability of your HR system will be let down by quick-fix or automated translations.

As we add new features, the language translations are updated at the same time.  Your employees will always be on the latest version of your Cezanne HR software, using the language that they prefer, wherever they are.

Familiar formatting

As you’d expect, Cezanne HR’s multi-country options extend to date and currency formatting. For example, your employees in the UK or Spain can opt to see dd/mm/yy, while those in the US or Mexico may select the mm/dd/yy format that’s more familiar to them. It won’t affect your reporting, but it will ensure your employees feel at home.

Multi-currency is supported too. For example, salaries and bonuses can be displayed in the employees’ local currency, but associated with your preferred base currency. That way, you’ll be able to make comparisons across your organisation easily.

Double-byte character sets

Older HR systems can struggle when it comes to entering data using non-Western character sets, such as Chinese, Japanese or Greek. Not Cezanne HR. It’s an essential feature if you want to keep track of your employees’ legal names, or let them complete selected fields in the language of their choice.

Flexible global configuration options

There’s much more to Cezanne HR’s global capabilities than expert language translations. From reflecting your organisation structure to defining different approval processes in different countries, Cezanne HR gives you the freedom to configure the system to work the way you need it to. For example, you can:

  • Add new office locations or employees at any time
  • Change field names and add pick lists with translations
  • Set up multiple onboarding portals and welcome new employees in their local language
  • Reflect different working-time patterns, and different working weeks
  • Build multiple absence plans, each with their accrual and carry-over rules
  • Trigger notifications and route approvals through different cycles depending on location
  • Tailor performance processes and questions to reflect local priorities
  • Create a library of document templates and forms to use in different locations
  • Set up multiple HR portals and associate them to specific groups of employees.
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