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When you select Cezanne HR’s software you are choosing much more than just an HR system. You’ll benefit from a complete online HR software service based on a scalable Cloud-native HR software platform that allows us to deliver exciting new features virtually every month.

  • Robust, secure hosting with the market leader
  • 24/7 monitoring, failover support, on-going penetration testing and more
  • Free updates to your purchased modules
  • Growing suite of integrated HR modules
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Hosting Infrastructure

World-leading Cloud platform

For maximum security, performance and flexibility, we’ve chosen to host Cezanne HR system with Amazon Web Service (AWS) in the European Economic Area. With a focus on smart innovation, continuous investment, service excellence and data security, AWS is consistently ranked as the number one provider of Cloud infrastructures.

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Cezanne HR Hosting: Key features

Modern Cloud Computing

Cezanne HR’s Cloud-native HR technology combined with the power of AWS allows us to deliver a hosting service that we believe is second to none.


High availability

Cezanne HR is implemented in high availability environments within the European Economic Area. Should there be a failure at one AWS data centre, another one will automatically take over.


The software is designed to take advantage of advanced features, such as elastic load balancing, to maximise performance and scalability. We aren’t wasting your money on capacity you will never use.

24/7 monitoring

The availability, performance and security of your HR system is checked constantly from around the world, so we can respond quickly to an issue should one be identified.

Automatic back ups

We regularly back up your database for you, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about. Backups are stored in the AWS Cloud infrastructure within the EEA.

Proven results

Outside of our planned maintenance windows when we apply updates, the availability of the Cezanne HR system is consistently better than 99.9%.

Advanced security

You’ll benefit from advanced security at every level, from the services provided through AWS to the design of your Cezanne HR applications. Read more about security here.

Built to grow with you

Regular updates, seamlessly delivered

With Cezanne HR, you’ll benefit from a modern HR system that growing all the time, so you’ll never get left behind.


Quality assured

Every new piece of functionality is put through rigorous testing by our QA team before it is rolled out to our customers.

Pain free updates

Thanks to clever design, we’ll update your system for you. Time-consuming, disruptive upgrades are thing of the past.

Ready to go

New features are automatically available to HR administrators. All you need to do is decide how to configure them to work for you.

Customer driven

To help inform our development program, we actively gather input from customers through our support portal and one-to-one conversations.

Fully supported

Release notes are sent out before each update, so you’ll always know what to expect, and you’ll find expert articles in your support portal too.

No extra cost

Best of all, the new features we add to your existing modules are covered by your subscription fee. You won’t need to pay a penny more.

Let’s transform HR together

Cezanne HR is trusted by thousands of HR professionals to help them better manage, support, engage and connect their people. Get in touch today to learn more.

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