Integrated HR portals and workspaces

Take an easier approach to sharing information

Put employee communication and knowledge-sharing at the heart of your HR software with Cezanne HR’s integrated HR portals and workspaces.

Provided as part of your core people management module, HR portals and workspaces are easy to set up and easy to manage, so you can tailor them to different groups of employees.

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What is an HR portal?

An HR portal is an internal communications hub where employees can access information about their workplace and interact with other colleagues quickly and easily.

Staff can share documents, exchange feedback and get access to important external resources. Use Cezanne HR portals and workspaces to help employees stay up to date with the latest company news, connect with colleagues and collaborate on projects.


What can you have in your Cezanne HR portal or workspace?

Essential information in one place

Document library

With Cezanne HR, it is easy to bring all your important documents together – so everyone always knows where to go to get the latest policy documents or handbooks.

Upload different types of documents like PDF files or PowerPoint presentations. You can also arrange the documents into categories or folders, making them easier to find and update.

document library portal

Easily accessible resources

External links

Keep a collection of useful external links on your Cezanne HR portal or workspace for your employees to access. The HR portal can be a one-stop shop for all the different websites your workforce need.

Whether it’s a link to log into their employee perks account, see their health insurance information or download free mental health toolkits, they’ll always be just one click away.

portal hr links resources

Invite feedback, join conversations

Activity feed

The activity feed is where you can invite feedback and share all your great news: introduce new staff, promote social events, or announce project achievements. It’s easy for portal members to add comments, so they can join in the celebrations and share thoughts or ideas about different topics.

As new posts are added, the system can be set to send notifications to employees’ inboxes, so you can be sure everyone’s up to date with the latest events.

workspace activity feed

Make the most of multi-media


Videos are a powerful tool for getting information across, which is why we’ve made it easy for you to embed videos from video-sharing platforms, like YouTube or Vimeo, in Cezanne HR’s HR portals.

Post a welcome message from the CEO, share company updates, or create training portals for different groups of employees or covering different topics. Or mix videos with other content, so you bring together information your workforce will find relevant.

video display

Take a wider view

Third-party applications

Easily add compatible third-party apps and make your HR portal fun and informative. Embed world clocks, calendars or weather forecast apps to see what other teams or offices are up to.

Or, embed social media feeds like Twitter and Facebook, so employees can see what’s trending.

external app on hr portal

Make it your own

Company branding

Use your own colour schemes to reflect your company branding, or change up the background of different HR portals and workspaces to give each one a unique look.

Intuitive configuration tools allow you to quickly put together and preview portals before implementing them, helping ensure your HR portals and workspaces are professional and appealing and personalised to your culture and company with minimum fuss.

customise branding layout

What would you put in your HR portal?

Create portals in moments, deliver value for all

With Cezanne HR, you can have as many portals as you want, each with its own purpose. Share corporate values, promote internal vacancies, or announce social events. The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few examples of the HR portals and workspaces you could create.


Company announcements

Share important company-wide events or news everyone in your organisation should know about.Company announcements

Local office portal

Celebrate national holidays or local events with portals for the teams in each of your office or site locations.Office HR portal

Focus groups

Create decidated spaces for committees and focus groups, like a DEI group, to exchange ideas and information.DEI portal

Training portal

Share online videos, webinars, guides and other resources with different groups of employees.Training portal

New employees social

Welcome new joiners and let them post questions and connect with fellow starters or team members.New employees social

Non-work related portals

Support company clubs or societies by letting employees curate their own special interest workspaces.Hobbies and special interests

Let’s transform HR together

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