Proven approach

Personalised to you

As soon as you’ve confirmed when you want your Cezanne HR service to start, we’ll be in touch to get your implementation underway. We’ll introduce you to your project team and make sure any set-up services you have selected are booked in.

Every implementation is different, so from the initial kick-off call, through system configuration to company-wide roll out and beyond, our consultants will be happy to provide advice and assistance that reflect your specific needs.

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HR data upload

Switching made simple

Migrating data from an existing HR system or excel spreadsheets is easy with our clever data upload utility. Once you have your data ready, we’ll upload your core HR data for you, or you can opt to use our advanced data upload service.

It’s one less thing to worry about, and one more way to be sure you can be up and running with your new HR system quickly.

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It has been a very well-managed implementation. The Cezanne HR staff were very knowledgeable, responsive, and keen to help at all stages of the process.


Tried and tested methodology

No hidden suprises

Our set-up services are carefully crafted to provide you with the maximum flexibility within the context of clearly defined and proven deliverables.

Set up services are delivered on a fix fee basis, and reflect hundreds of successful implementations every year. You can be sure we’ll provide the service we promised at the fee you agreed to.

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Made for the future

On-going assistance if you need it

HR doesn’t stand still, and neither will your Cezanne HR system.

If you need a helping hand updating an existing configuration, setting up a new module, rolling the system out to a new country or simply taking advantage of a feature you’ve not yet used, we’re here to partner with you.

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Built for rapid implementation

The modern approach to system set up

Cezanne HR was designed from the very start for fast, effective implementation. Here are just some of the features you’ll benefit from.


Ready to go

Thanks to our modern SaaS architecture, we can have your HR system provisioned and ready for you to explore in just a few moments.

No IT overheads

Since your system is in the Cloud, we take care of everything that’s needed to keep your HR system backed up and running smoothly.

Easy configuration options

From own-branding your system to renaming fields or creating custom forms, you have the freedom to fit Cezanne HR to your company culture and way of working.

Flexible security roles

Pre-built security roles for HR, line managers and employees are designed to be quickly copied and tuned to reflect your needs.

Workflows and notifications

You’ll be able to tailor the system’s workflows and notifications to work in the best way for your organisation.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Your HR system is already set up to work with email, Excel and single-sign on options, plus you’ll benefit from a host of other integrations.

HR software implementation simplified

Key steps for a smooth set-up

We’ll work with you to find the best approach to getting your new system configured and rolled out so that we fit around your objective and timelines. For example, if you take multiple modules or want to deploy the system in several countries, you may prefer to take a staged approach. However, a typical implementation follows these steps:


  • Review the knowledge base

    Visit your secure support portal and take a look at the documentation and videos we’ve created for you. You’ll find handy overview guides as well as more detailed explanations of product features and functionality.

  • Schedule a call

    Our consultants will be in contact to arrange a kickoff call with you to confirm your requirements and run through the services you’ve booked. They will also explain what’s covered as part of the included services, and when and how those will be delivered.

  • Confirm your training and configuration workshops

    Make sure you’ve booked one or more of our training workshops. You’ll find it a lot easier to get the most out of your system if you really know what it’s capable of. It’s also a good time to schedule in any implementation services you have booked.

  • Prepare your data for upload

    It’s essential that you set aside enough time to gather together your information and put it into the Excel tool we send you. Our consultant will be happy to take you through how best to prepare your HR data to ensure a smooth, accurate data upload.

  • Check the system

    Once your data is uploaded, and configurations complete, it’s always a good idea to check the system is working as you expect before you roll it out to everyone. That way, if there are any glitches, you have time to sort them out.

  • Go live

    Data uploaded and checked? System set up to support your way of working? Tests complete? Great, it’s time to send out the login details to your workforce and start to enjoy a much more productive and agile approach to human resources management.