Helping you take a smarter approach

Why Cezanne HR?

As a team, we have been designing and delivering HR software systems for over twenty years. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest and most demanding organisations, as well as hundreds of smaller companies, from virtually every industry sector. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to deliver robust, secure HR solutions that really work.

We’re passionate about providing great HR solutions and services that help HR professionals and the employees they support work smarter, connect with each other and help drive the overall success of their business.

Our solutions are designed not just to solve your problems today, but to help you thrive in the future.

A new approach for a new era

With Cezanne’s HR software you benefit from a modern, scalable human resources management solution that is quick to deploy, easy to manage, and costs a fraction of the cost of older-style enterprise systems.

We haven’t sacrificed sophistication, performance or security – but we have taken out cost and complexity.

It’s designed for the Cloud, and delivered from a state-of-the-art hosting facility, so provides the advanced security and 24/7 availability that you’d expect. And, like our customer base, it’s growing all the time.

A solution for today and tomorrow

Human resources management is often challenging and complicated, but that doesn’t mean HR systems have to be. What’s needed is agility – a way of getting things done more quickly, more easily and more productively. That means taking a different approach to HR software.

Which is why we’ve built something special at Cezanne HR. A powerful, configurable HR software solution that’s still simple to deploy, easy to manage, and remarkably cost-effective, whatever the size of your business. It’s designed to fit your needs today and still support you tomorrow.

Our world focus ensures we bring a unique perspective to our HR solutions that few other HR software providers can match. Our systems have been designed from the ground up to offer global capabilities that reflect our extensive international experience.