A new approach for a new era

Human resources management is increasingly challenging and complicated but that doesn’t mean HR systems have to be. What’s needed is agility – a way of getting things done more quickly, more easily and more productively.

Which is why, in 2013, we launched Cezanne HR, the first fully cloud-native HR system designed for UK and international organisations that combines sophisticated HR functionality with ease of use and agility.

Established expertise

As a team we have a long track record of delivering successful HR solutions on an international basis; first as client/server, then across the web, and now from the Cloud. We’ve worked with companies across every business sector and of every size, including some of the world’s largest and most demanding organisations. Our aim today, as it always has been, is to harness the latest technologies to provide forward-thinking HR solutions that help our customers work smarter and achieve more.

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HR sophistication without cost or complexity

By capitalising on the advantages of modern Cloud computing, we have built a system that is straightforward to manage and remarkably cost-effective. A system that puts you in control, so you can adapt it to your way of working, and banishes expensive implementations and on-going upgrade costs forever.

And, since Cezanne HR is delivered from a state-of-the-art hosting facility and monitored 24/7, you’ll benefit from the advanced security and global availability that your organisation demands.

Built to grow with you

Organisations don’t stand still, and Cezanne HR hasn’t either. In fact, we invested from the very start in a robust, secure and modern, multi-tenanted technology platform that allows us seamlessly deliver new features to our customers virtually every month.

Cezanne HR is designed to fit your needs today and support you tomorrow. Like our international customer base, it is growing all the time.

Built to grow with you

They have really worked in partnership with us, and the support has been excellent. I don’t envisage a situation where in one or two acquisitions time, we will feel we have outgrown it. The structure is growing, the product is growing, and our need for Cezanne HR is growing too.

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Let’s transform HR together

Cezanne HR is trusted by thousands of HR professionals to help them better manage, support, engage and connect their people. Get in touch today to learn more.

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