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Cezanne HR offers everything you need to streamline and improve the way you engage, manage and develop your people. Built with flexibility at it’s core, so you can fit it to your way of working, it frees you up from tedious HR paperwork, automates essential processes and helps everyone work smarter together.

More than just HR software, Cezanne HR is a complete service that is trusted worldwide.

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People Management

Streamline and improve essential HR administration and help everyone work smarter with automatic alerts, time-saving workflows, integrated document management, HR portals and much more.

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Onboarding & Lifecycle

Connect and engage new hires before they join and streamline essential employee lifecycle activities from onboarding through internal moves to retirement.

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Absence Management

Improve absence management with automatic calculation of leave and TOIL entitlements, authorisation workflows, sickness tracking, and centralised recording of parental leave, jury service etc.

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Simplify time tracking by automatically generating personalised timesheets that are easy for employees to complete online, managers to approve, and enable accurate reporting.

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Performance Management

Set up appraisal forms that reflect your needs, automate distribution, include multiple stages (including 360) and make performance management more useful for everyone.

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Career & Succession

Focus on strategic career development and succession planning with tools that help you more easily identity talent, risk and readiness, work with talent pools and plan career steps.

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Online Recruitment & ATS

Speed up your entire recruitment process from posting vacancies to your website, social media and free job boards to candidate review, applicant tracking and job offers.

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Payroll Options

Benefit from comprehensive compensation records plus seamless integration with a leading UK payroll provider or straight-forward data exchange and payslip upload.

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Take advantage of single sign on, pre-developed integrations and an open API to improve efficiency and more easily connect people, data and processes.

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Smart, time-saving tools

Benefit from the latest technologies


Built for the Cloud

Benefit from the scalability, performance and security of a native Cloud solution.

Responsive design

Created to be used from your PC, Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile via any modern browser.

Secure self service

Connect your whole workforce, wherever they are, and save everyone time.


Approval workflows

Ensure processes keep moving smoothly through your approval cycles.

Notifications & Alerts

Help everyone stay on top of key activities with emails and system inboxes.

Centralised reporting

Benefit from a single source of data for faster, better reporting.


Configuration tools

Flex the system to fit your processes and way of working.

Role-based security

Ensure employees and managers only see the information you give them permission to see.

Global capabilities

Take advantage of system-wide international capabilities, language translations and more.


Fast to implement, easy to manage

With expert support when you need it

Thanks to clever design, free set up services and tailored add-on support from our UK-based team of product experts, you can start benefiting from your new human resources management suite in no time at all. We’ll assist with data upload, provide best-practice advice, train you on your own system, and provide a helping hand with configuration.

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Cezanne HR offered all of the functionality we were looking for at the right price for our organisation, without being difficult to manage or maintain

Aethra Telecommunications

What are Human Resources Management Systems and why do you need them?

Human Resources Management Systems or HR Information Systems describe an integrated suite of HR applications that help organisations better manage their people. Typically based around a core HR platform or database, today’s HR suites make use of modern technologies, such as workflows, process automation, mobile and Cloud computing, to streamline and improve the full employee life-cycle, helping organisations to better attract, motivate, manage and engage their people.


Top HR system features

According to independent HR industry expert, Denis Barnard, the top HR system features that every HR professional should demand from their HRMS are:

  • Workflow
  • Notifications
  • Employee and Manager Service
  • Reporting
  • Organisation Charting

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How much does an HR system cost?

Pricing for HR information systems range from £2 to £20 per employee per month, depending on the system you select, the modules you choose, your employee headcount and the underlying technology platform. On top of that, you may also need to budget for implementation, training, support, data storage, and updates.

One of the biggest factors influencing the cost of HR software is the underlying technology platform. Newer HR systems – those developed within the last decade – have been built to take full advantage of the cost benefits of modern Cloud computing approaches and infrastructures. Sometimes referred to as a multi-tenant architecture, these systems are cheaper to develop, deploy and update than their older cousins – a saving that is generally reflected in their pricing.

Another related, and significant cost, is the professional services fees charged by vendors to implement and update their systems. These costs are typically significantly higher for older HR systems, sometimes as much as three or four times the annual cost of the software. This is due to a large degree, to the initial design of the product and an expectation that customers are happy to pay for, and maintain, custom configurations.

What is a multi-tenancy SaaS HRIS?

With a multi-tenanted Software as a Service (SaaS) HR information system, all customers share the core HR code base, but their data and configurations are stored in separate, secure containers.

This differs from older single-tenant software which, while it may be hosted in the Cloud and delivered on a Software as a Service basis, requires that each customer has their own copy – or instance - of the core code base.

What are the advantages of multi-tenanted HR solutions?

Multi-tenanted software is driving down costs and driving up service quality across every business sector. Benefits include:

  • Lower development costs: with only one code base to maintain, vendors can focus all their energies on building out a single system, rather than having to maintain and update multiple instances.
  • Lower implementation costs: to keep all clients on the same code base, client-specific customisations are no longer possible. Instead, multi-tenanted suppliers build their systems to enable rapid, easy configuration – often by the client with assistance from the supplier if required.
  • Lower infrastructure costs: software specifically developed to run in today’s modern Cloud computing environments can take advantage of economies of scale, and features such as elastic load balancing and fail-over support. This allows suppliers to assure both system performance and cost-efficiency through optimal use of the infrastructure.
  • Faster ROI: suppliers should be able to provision a new vanilla “instance” of their system virtually automatically, and will have tools to help with core data upload. Customers can be up and running with their new system in weeks, rather than months or years.
  • Supplier accountability: when customers are on different versions of the software, an issue with the system only affects that one client. Where customers share a common code base, one incident will affect all customers. Multi-tenanted vendors therefore have a vested interested in designing their systems for maximum resilience, and in responding to issues much more quickly than would be the case if a single customer was affected.

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