Core HR Module

Save time, work smarter

Packed full of smart time-saving features, People is at the centre of your Cezanne HR software system. Covering your essential HR activities, it makes human resources management simpler and more effective for everyone.

  • Comprehensive & configurable core HR database
  • Time-saving workflows, reminders and notifications
  • Multi-language, multi-country and multi-currency
  • Secure self-service, HR portals, document management, graphical dashboards and much more


People Management software from Cezanne HR

Comprehensive HR database

Everything you need, in one place

Cezanne HR is built around a secure, best-practice HR database, specifically designed to save you time and put essential data at your fingertips.


Keep accurate profiles

Easily manage key data about every employee, from contact information and next of kin to photos, pen portraits and career history.

Track legal identifiers

Keep a record of essential information, with reminders to help you track when visas, passports or similar details expire.

Retain a full history

Automatically record key events, such as promotions, moves, training, salary rises, change of address and much more.


Match your working hours

Set up multiple working time patterns, use visual calendars to assist with scheduling and reflect global differences.

Manage multiple placements

Support single or multiple deployments with associated working time patterns, entitlements, cost centres etc.

Reflect your org structure

Match your organisation, and set up multiple cost centres, departments, companies and countries if needed.


Automatic Alerts

Never miss an important date

People combines integrated workflow with your rules and reporting relationships to automatically route approvals and notifications to the right people at the right time, saving you time and helping ensure key activities don’t get missed.

You can configure approval processes and notifications to work in different ways for different groups of employees, and set up automated reminders so important activities – such as visa renewals – don’t get overlooked.

Screenshot of automatic alerts in Cezanne HR

Document Management

Streamline correspondence

With People, it’s easy to create, distribute and track any kind of personalised communication, from pay awards to policies. Simply select or create the appropriate template, then choose who to send it to and the system takes care of the rest.

Documents can be sent to specific individuals or groups of employees, with e-signatures if required. And, with everything tracked centrally, it is easy to check back at any time on the status of your communications.

Screenshot of document management in Cezanne HR

It is saving us a huge amount of time and providing much better insight into key HR metrics.

Awen Cultural Trust

Form Builder with workflow

Set up your own forms

You’ll have the freedom to set up your own forms, each with their own content, permissions, approval workflows and reporting options. Forms can be available to your whole workforce or specific groups of employees, and everyone benefits from automatic notifications and a personal ‘forms hub’ where they can find new forms or check the status of ones they have already submitted.

It’s the smartest way to reduce admin and ensure essential processes, from applications for travel loans to expense approvals or recommendations for promotion, run more smoothly.

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Screenshot of a form builder from Cezanne HR

Employee & Manager Self-Service

Connect your workforce

Designed for PC, laptop, Mac, tablet and smartphone, Cezanne HR takes advantage of the latest high-performance Cloud technologies to deliver a robust, useful and secure online service to your whole workforce, 24/7.

Employees and their managers can help themselves to the information they need, and help ensure their own details are up to date too. Key updates, such as changes to bank details (if allowed), can be routed through approval processes for validation so you are always in control of the data.

Screenshots of self-service software from Cezanne HR software

HR Portals & Workspaces

Create an information hub

Bring people and information together with easy-to-set-up online portals for your whole workforce, or groups of employees. Post news, invite feedback and share relevant documents, such as handbooks or policy guides.


  • Set up portals in minutes, not hours
  • Realtime conversations, guaranteed to engage
  • Custom-built information pages
  • The latest documents, all in one place
  • Quick links to useful sites
HR Portals and Workspaces

Salary & Benefits

Keep a complete record

Make compensation reporting and payroll processing simpler by centrally recording all aspects of compensation in any currency you need, from base pay and bonuses to company cars, benefits and pension status.

You can exchange data with third party payroll systems, bulk upload payslips and other pay-related documents for self-service access, or take advantage of an integrated HRMC-approved payroll system.


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Salary and benefits in Cezanne HR

Training & Development

Gain visibility

With dedicated screens for recording past and planned qualifications and development activities, it’s easy to build a complete picture of the skills and qualifications of your employees.

And, with the option to record training needs, set up development plans, and create course libraries with associated costs, you’ll be better positioned to optimise available budgets and check that the business is delivering on training promises.

training and development in Cezanne HR

Reporting & Analytics

Unlock the value of your data


Visualise Key Data

Visualise key data

With all of your HR data in one place, reporting of every type is infinitely easier.

You will benefit from integrated HR Analytics dashboards that make it simpler to see key information at a glance, such as a headcount and turnover.

Dashboards can be configured to show the most relevant data for each user, and role-based security means line managers and restricted HR professionals only see the data you have given them permission to see.

Gain Insight

Gain insight

Cezanne HR comes with a host of pre-configured queries and on-screen reports designed to help you get the most from your data. Adhoc queries are simple to build, and can be saved and shared with others.

Reports can be scheduled to run automatically, and exported to Excel for further analysis or to send to a third party - such as your payroll provider.

It's also easy to upload data from other systems into Cezanne HR, so you can keep information aligned if you need to.

See the shape of your business

See the shape of your business

Cezanne HR automatically generates dynamic organisation charts from the data held in your Cezanne HR system.

It's the perfect way to see reporting relationships and understand how everyone fits in.

Navigating around charts is simple, and HR professionals have the option of looking at other data, such as gender distribution, in the context of the org structure.

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