Compensation plans

Fair and transparent compensation planning powered by technology

Cezanne’s HR software provides a people-centric approach to compensation planning, and empowers your managers to be the centre of your fair compensation plans. With staggered approvals and oversight from HR, you can be sure that the compensation review process is smooth, fair and effective for everyone.

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End-to-end process

Seamless end-to-end process... without all the fuss

Say goodbye to spreadsheet macros and emails! Manage your compensation digitally without the need of complex macros to identify budgets and benchmarks, or to prepare guidelines of salary ranges.

Let your HRIS do the heavy lifting while keeping key stakeholders in the loop with automated notifications and reminders.

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User-based access, data feed, approval levels

With payment and salary details being incredibly sensitive pieces of information, it’s crucial you treat personal data with extra care. Thankfully, Cezanne’s HR software protects your employees’ confidential information with the benefits of a single platform, by using direct data feed and pre-configured security access based on your needs. So, no more risky emails!

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Compensation planning software that grows with you

Fast, easy and accurate

Cezanne was built to put you in control. It gives you the freedom to adapt the system to meet your changing needs, and the security of knowing our team of friendly support professionals are on hand to help if you need them.


Central data base

Real-time and accurate data to work with to ensure accurate numbers at all stages of your planning.


Central governance to identify budgets and ensure staying on track.


Bring in external market data to stay competitive and guide your people managers to provide a fair review for your employees.

Multi-level approvals

Identify your key stakeholders based on organisational hierarchy and customise the timelines supporting bottom-up review.

Global coverage

Multi-country, multi-currency support for international organisations with customized exchange rates, market data and location-specific benchmarking.

Flexible set up

Streamline and simplify the process your way with the help our experts at Cezanne.

Secure information sharing and access

Use a direct feed to HR records to securely share data with top-notch data quality only to the right people.

Streamlined process

Automated notifications & reminders to avoid delays and keep everyone in the loop.


Avoid silos and misalignment by managing your compensation in a collaborative platform.

Let’s transform HR together

Cezanne’s HR software is trusted by thousands of HR professionals across the globe to help them better manage, support, engage and connect their people. Get in touch today to learn more.

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Compensation planning: FAQs

Can Cezanne HR support our compensation plan across multiple countries?

Yes. Cezanne HR supports multi-country and multi-currency planning activities based on your needs. You can upload your preferred exchange rates, international benchmarking data and manage budgets, salary ranges and suggested increases based on local specifics configured for your business.

Does the tool include Benchmarking functionality?

Yes. Cezanne HR allows you to include benchmarking data and set your budgets, role or job level based benchmarks and salary ranges accordingly.

Who can see individual’s compensation data? And How how to can I ensure the right people can access information and approve the plan?

The pre-configured role based access in line with organisational hierarchy ensures that only those who can view sensitive information will be able to access this in the system. With real-time searches and reports you can always monitor access and visibility rights.

Can you support off cycle review processes?

Cezanne HR supports compensation planning for your teams and company as a whole. Off-cycle salary/compensation review is not part of the system.

How can we ensure that managers are supported during the review process?

Managers, reviewers and approvers, are guided through the process by visibility of salary and bonus recommendations for their team with benchmark data and suggestions based on company policy and location set by your HR teams. HR professionals have overview of the whole process and can step in whenever needed.

What happens if a manager is absent and cannot review/approve compensation?

Administrators (your HR team) can amend the approval line in case of absences to ensure timely completion of the process.