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To calculate your potential ROI, there are a number of factors we have taken into account. These include:

HR teams

HR teams: HR professionals generally benefit from a reduction in admin overheads of between 30% and 60% or perhaps even more. For example, OpenGI, a leading FinTech company, estimated implementing just three of Cezanne HR’s software modules reduced their HR admin overhead by 80%.

Hiring & Onboarding

Reports estimate that each new employee costs $400 for small and medium businesses. Ensuring a positive experience for new joiners is critical for every business and HR professionals spend in average 11 hours completing administrative tasks, sending and receiving information, allocating tasks and coordinating. A better onboarding experience also ensures that your employees settle in easier and become productive faster. Read more here.

Line Managers

Proactive notifications, smart approval processes and instant access to accurate reports can easily save line managers an average of an hour a day – or around 13% of their time. Depending on what processes you are looking to automate with your HR software, you may be able to factor in a saving of between 10 and 15%.


According to Medium, e-signatures save around £280 per document. This includes hard and soft savings on eliminating paper and printing costs, simplifying document storage and retrieval, promoting remote collaboration and accessibility while boosting employee productivity and reducing admin. Soft savings include mitigating risk and ensuring compliance, driving ESG efforts while offering a better modern employee experience.


While individual employees will only save small amounts of time – perhaps just 1 or 2% – the cumulative impact can be significant. You’ll probably need to survey employees to get to grips with what’s costing them time, but you could allow for an average of around five to ten minutes each week for general HR processes such as checking on holiday entitlements, registering sick leave or accessing payslips. Adopting online timesheets could boost this to closer to an hour a week.

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