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With the Cezanne HR mobile app for iOS and Android, you can check your holiday entitlements, book time off and log a sickness absence, wherever you are. HR and managers can approve and decline requests from their devices too, making the whole process quicker and easier for everyone involved. It’s free to download from the iTunes and Android store for any existing customers with an active user account.

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Allow employees to self-serve

“I used this to request my last holiday. Really quick and easy and I like the company contact list too!”

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“Perfect app for when I’m on the go. It enables me to book holiday, absences and see where the rest of my team is when I am working remotely from the office.”

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Cezanne HR mobile app Iphone and Android

Mobile app overview

Cezanne HR for mobile provides a fast and easy way to:

  • Check your Absence and TOIL balances
  • Submit, approve and decline Absence and Overtime requests
  • View your colleagues’ upcoming absences
  • View a list of your absence pending tasks
  • Search for your colleagues’ contact details and get in touch quickly by phone, email or Skype.


Can I use Cezanne HR from my tablet?

Yes, Cezanne HR is designed to work across all modern browsers, which you can use it from your tablet or phablet just as easily as from your PC or laptop. Cezanne HR uses something called responsive design, which means it automatically adjusts the layout of the screen so that information is displayed in a way that makes the most of the available space.

Do I have to use the app?

Cezanne HR is accessible through a browser and takes advantage of responsive design so will adapt to the device you’re using. However, users find the native mobile app easier to interact with and will provide a better overall experience. Loading time is quicker, processes are simpler to complete and the interface is easier to navigate.

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