Strategic HR planning

Right people, right place, right time

Career & Succession builds on the data you already have in your core Cezanne HR system, providing additional tools and insights to help you better plan for the future of your people and your business.

  • Develop people or position-focused succession plans
  • Map talent using n-box performance & potential grids
  • Manage and track career paths
  • Gain insight and stay on top of key dates
Career Succession HR planning software

Succession planning

Create effective succession plans

Easily bring together information about positions, people, performance and potential, so you can develop succession plans that really work for your organisation.


Flag key roles

Focus on key positions or job families at any level of the organisation, and prioritise the roles that matter to you.

Map out successors

Review current incumbents, add successors, check dependencies, and benefit from up-to-date information.

Identify risk

See potential issues, such as positions without successors or candidates overdue for a move, or not yet ready

View preferences

Record employees’ own mobility and career preferences alongside nominations from elsewhere in the business

Track history

Get automatic notifications when key dates, such as readiness or time to move, are approaching

Centralise documents

Monitor where successors have come from, and review the effectiveness of internal succession activities

Potential & performance grids

Map talent dynamically

Interactive performance and potential grids make it easier for you to review the depth and distribution of your talent, so you can make better-informed decisions about training and development, career planning or recruitment.

You can choose what kind of groups to work with, the parameters to use (9-box, 12-box), drag and drop unrated employees into your grids, or update their status on the fly and see the results reflected in real time.

Performance career succession software

By managing talent strategically, organisations can build a high-performance workplace, encourage a learning organisation, add value to their branding agenda, and contribute to diversity management.


Nine-box grids

Bring talent pools to life

Benefit from an easier way to review and update performance and potential across multiple talent pools.


Talent reporting

Gain greater insight

From career history and qualifications to development activities and performance ratings, Cezanne HR’s integrated Cloud HR software suite means comprehensive employee profiles are always at your fingers tips.

Gaining insight into the demographics of your workforce is equally straight-forward. Reporting hierarchies and performance and potential grids can be looked at in the context of gender or age, helping you to identify where work may need to be done to find an appropriate balance.

Cezanne HR Talent reporting

Succession Charts

See succession data

Automatically-generated organisation charts let you see succession coverage alongside key employee attributes, such as risk and readiness, so you can check the health of your succession plans and make decisions in real time.

As an HR administrator, you can switch between different chart views to gain a different perspective, perhaps to look at position candidates or next planned moves. It’s a fast, easy way to check the strength of your succession plans.

career Succession planning Charts

Never miss an important date

We know how busy you are, that’s why Cezanne HR comes with report scheduling and email alerts that help ensure important milestones, such as readiness for a move or planned replacement dates, don’t get missed.

It’s the perfect way to ensure your succession and talent programmes keep running smoothly.

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