Simplify payroll

Improve accuracy, enable visibility

Employees expect you to get their pay right first time, every time. Unless you have all the right information in one place, and up to date, that’s not always that easy.

With Cezanne HR, you’ll be able to stay on top of all elements of compensation; from base pay to benefits, and from bank details to bonuses. Data is available when you need it, and payroll processing simpler. You’ll save time, reduce errors and improve reporting.

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Payroll options

Your payroll choices

Integrated payroll

Looking for an integrated payroll solution? We’ve partnered with one of the UK’s leading independent payroll providers to deliver a seamless experience.

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Data Exchange

Happy with your current payroll provider? Discover how scheduled export of payroll-ready data and bulk upload of digital payslips ensures accuracy and saves time.

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Open API

Interested in interfacing with another solution? Cezanne HR’s open API allows you, or your payroll provider, to automate the transfer of data between compatible solutions.

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Integrated payroll

Introducing Payroll Business Solutions

Payroll Business Solutions are an independent HMRC-recognised payroll provider with a long track record of delivering cost-effective payroll solutions. Working together, we’ve developed an integrated solution designed to meet the payroll needs of UK companies of every size, and across virtually every business sector.

Secure data exchange allows the payroll information in your Cezanne HR system to be used to generate accurate payments, and payslips are uploaded to employee records, so you won’t need to worry about sensitive pay information being sent via email or stored on in-house servers.

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We can automatically generate the itemised information needed for payroll, and drive our own reporting. We’ll save hours of admin time each month – and have more time to focus on supporting the company’s goals

Medstrom Healthcare

Data import/export

Avoid double entry

Cezanne HR’s powerful import and export capabilities make it straightforward to exchange data with third-party payroll systems or outsourced payroll service providers without the expense of custom-built interfaces.

Payroll-ready reports can be scheduled to run automatically, electronic payslips bulk uploaded to employee records, and salary records updated en-masse, perhaps to reflect salary increases.

Application Programming Interface

Build secure connections

Our free open API allows secure integrations to be developed based on the Open Data Protocol (oData). This is built on standard web technologies such as HTTP and popular methodologies such as REST (Representational State Transfer) and can return data either in XML (Extensible Markup Language) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

For more information about Cezanne HR’s API, please contact us.

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