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Manage people profiles, relationships, compliance and much more with Cezanne HR’s comprehensive, flexible people management software. Packed full of features designed to save you time, the People module is at the heart of your Cezanne HR software system.

  • Comprehensive, flexible and easy to adapt
  • Time-saving automation and authorisation workflows
  • UK & global capabilities

What is People Management Software?

People management software is designed to streamline and improve essential human resources management. Alongside storing and organising employee data, people or employee management software should include features for HR compliance (e.g. Health and Safety, Disciplinary and Grievance, Right to Work checks), data compliance (GDPR), document generation and e-signatures, HR portals, company assets, benefits & compensation and secure employee and manager self-service.


Best-practice HR database

Everything you need in one place

Take advantage of a comprehensive HR database that makes it simple to organise, secure and access key employee and organisational data.


Employee profiles

Employee Profiles

Benefit from up-to-date employee profiles including contact information, next of kin, career history, personal profiles and more.

Salary and Bonus

Salary & Bonuses

See accurate records of all aspects of compensation from base pay to bonuses, in any currency you need.

Legal identifiers

Legal Identifiers

Assure compliance with digital copies of important documents, such as visas or passports, with reminders of renewal dates.

Training and Development

Training & Development

Record skills and qualifications, create development plans, track training activities and outcomes, and help grow your people more effectively.

Company assets

Company Assets

Keep track of company assets from laptops and mobile phones to company cars, and assure they are properly recorded and accounted for.

Employee events

Employee Events

Retain a complete history of important events, from promotions and pay reviews to health and safety or grievance and disciplinary events.

Employee & Manager Self-Service

Make HR easier for everyone

With Cezanne HR, you can let employees help themselves to the information they need and update their own data, without losing control. Automated workflows and centralised data ensure important approval stages don’t get missed, managers can support their teams better, and everyone saves time. It’s a faster, more productive and more satisfying experience for everyone.

Explore employee self-service

Employee Experience

Match your system to your culture

Easily configure your Cezanne HR system to reflect your brand and culture, and ensure a personalised experience for all your employees.


Automatic Alerts and Notifications

Never miss an important date

People combines integrated workflow with your rules and reporting relationships to automatically route approvals and notifications to the right people at the right time, saving you time and helping ensure key activities don’t get missed.

You can configure approval processes and notifications to work in different ways for different groups of employees and set up automated reminders so important activities – such as visa renewals – don’t get overlooked.


E-signatures and Document Tracking

Focus on people not paperwork

From promotions and pay awards to policies and processes, with People it’s easy to create, distribute and track any kind of communication. Simply select, upload or create the appropriate template, then choose who to send it to, how it should be tracked, and the system takes care of the rest.

Documents can be sent to specific individuals or groups of employees and, with everything in one place, it’s easy for HR and employees to keep track of the status of important information.


With Cezanne HR, that admin overhead goes away, as does the paperwork. We don’t have a single filing cabinet in our HR office.


Form Builder with workflow

Take a digital-first approach

Cezanne HR’s intuitive form builder means you’ll never need to process another paper form. From travel loans applications and expense claims to requests to work from home, it’s simple to set up online forms that reflect your exact needs and are routed through your approval process.

Information is centralised, processes run more smoothly, and everyone benefits from a personal ‘form hub’ where they can find new forms or check the status of ones they have already submitted.

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HR Portals & Workspaces

Create training and communication hubs

Bring people and information together with easy-to-setup HR portals and workspaces that make it simple for everyone to access company content and stay in touch.

Every portal can have its own content, such as videos, links, documents and newsfeeds, and participants, so you can engage your whole workforce or specific groups of employees.


Integrated SMS text messaging

Ensure important information gets through

Cezanne HR makes it simple to send SMS text messages directly from your Cezanne HR system to employees in over 120 countries worldwide. SMS can be sent to all employees or to staff in a specific location, department or any other group.

Since most mobile users read incoming messages immediately, it’s the perfect way to make your workforce aware of urgent or important information.


Legislative Compliance

Stay on top of key requirements

  1. Health & Safety

    Log incidents or accidents in the workplace, record follow-up investigation and outcomes, and generate reports.

  2. Disciplinary & Grievance

    Document each step of a grievance or disciplinary process and capture the relevant information, including key dates and parties involved, outcomes and follow-up dates.

  3. Mandatory training & qualifications

    Keep track of training or certifications that need to be kept up to date, with the option to define who should be notified when renewals or re-training is due.

  4. E-signatures

    Ensure key information is received, read and centrally and securely recorded with integrated e-signatures and document tracking.

  5. GDPR compliance

    Enable easier GDPR compliance by bringing all your HR data into one secure, GDPR-compliant system and benefiting from secure self-service, document tracking and smart tools that allow you to automate data deletion and anonymisation in line with your requirements.

  1. Right to work

    Store copies of key documents, such as passports and visas; set notifications to stay on top of renewal dates, and track where employees live, and when they move.

  2. Pension status

    Record opt in/opt out status and track key dates so you can trigger required documentation.

  3. Documentation

    Upload key documents or use the integrated document management functionality to generate any kind of document, from contracts to TUPE notifications with tracking and e-signature.

  4. Key events

    Note key events against employee records, such as requests to work part time, and record what was agreed.

  5. Parental leave

    Take advantage of Cezanne HR’s integrated Absence Management module to manage maternity, paternity and other parental leave.

Reporting & Analytics

Unlock the value of your data

Visualise Key Data

Visualise key data

With all of your HR data in one place, reporting of every type is infinitely easier.

You will benefit from integrated HR Analytics dashboards that make it simpler to see key information at a glance, such as a headcount and turnover.

Dashboards can be configured to show the most relevant data for each user, and role-based security means line managers and restricted HR professionals only see the data you have given them permission to see.

Gain Insight

Gain insight

Cezanne HR comes with a host of pre-configured queries and on-screen reports designed to help you get the most from your data. Adhoc queries are simple to build, and can be saved and shared with others.

Reports can be scheduled to run automatically, and exported to Excel for further analysis or to send to a third party - such as your payroll provider.

It's also easy to upload data from other systems into Cezanne HR, so you can keep information aligned if you need to.

See the shape of your business

See the shape of your business

Cezanne HR automatically generates dynamic organisation charts from the data held in your Cezanne HR system.

It's the perfect way to see reporting relationships and understand how everyone fits in.

Navigating around charts is simple, and HR professionals have the option of looking at other data, such as gender distribution, in the context of the org structure.

People Management Software that grows with you

Take charge of change

Cezanne HR was built to put you in control. It gives you the freedom to adapt the system to meet your changing needs, and the security of knowing our team of friendly support professionals are on hand to help if you need them.


Reflect your org structure

Create new cost centres, departments, divisions, companies and countries whenever you need to.

Tailor security roles

Add to existing security roles and set permissions that reflect your organisation’s need.

Match working hours

Set up working-time patterns across one or many countries, and reflect global differences.

Manage multiple placements

Support single or multiple deployments with associated working time patterns, entitlements, cost centres etc.

Configure notifications

Configure your alerts and notifications to match your way of working and reflect different processes, participants, locations and more.

Own your interface

Tailor your system to reflect your culture with your own log, backgrounds, colour schemes, portals and more.

Let’s transform HR together

Cezanne HR is trusted by thousands of HR professionals to help them better manage, support, engage and connect their people. Get in touch today to learn more.

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Connect your whole workforce, wherever they are, and save everyone time.

Employee self-service

Document management

Take advantage of integrated features for document tracking & e-signatures.

Document management

Global features

Accommodate different ways of working across different departments or countries.

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