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Benefit from fast, easy access to the latest HR information

Unlock the value of your data

Accurate information at your fingertips

Making decisions based on the latest HR data can be almost impossible if the relevant information is scattered across multiple, hard to maintain spreadsheets, or locked into inflexible HR systems.

With Cezanne HR, it’s not only easier to keep HR information up to date, it’s simpler to get the most from it, too. You’ll be able to build and run reports, extract information for further analysis – and upload information, so you can keep data from different systems aligned.

  • Benefit from a comprehensive, best practice HR database
  • Run reports whenever you need
  • Create, save and share popular queries
  • Keep sensitive information safe
Employment history report

Flexible reporting options

As you’d expect, Cezanne HR comes with a host of standard reports for each of the modules you pick. But, we’ve also made it easy to build your own.

Ask questions

Use the advanced search options to interrogate your data whenever you need, so you can answer any question that you’re asked.

Save queries

Take advantage of pre-configured queries, or build, save, and share your own, so you can build up a library of the reports your business needs.

Export data

Data is safe, but not locked in. Depending on security permissions, data can be exported, for example to use for payroll or analysis.

See employee profiles

Easily get the complete picture

Cezanne HR automatically generates great-looking summary screens that bring together data on each employee, so you’ve got the most important information in one place.

Employee profile

Build connections

Cezanne HR’s open API (Application Programming Interface) means your IT team can build secure interfaces to other systems. So, if you want even more reporting power, you’ll have the option to connect with specialist tools, seamlessly.

Upload data

Since it’s straight-forward to upload data into Cezanne HR, you’ll have the option of updating records using data from other systems, such as payroll or time management. It’s an easy way to keep systems in sync so you can generate more comprehensive reports.

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