HR Analytics & Org. Charts

Help everyone make better informed decisions faster

Take a visual approach to data

See information in way that’s easy to act on

Today’s businesses thrive on information, but often it’s difficult to obtain and even harder to interpret. Cezanne HR’s embedded dashboards and organization charts liberate your HR data, putting it in front of the people that need it, in a way that’s easy to understand and act on.

Since dashboards and charts are automatically generated by your Cezanne HR system, users will only see the data you’ve given them permission to see.

  • Easily see headline figures, trends and anomalies
  • Bring data to life with graphical reports
  • Let managers help themselves
  • Know that information is always up to date
HR Management Analytics

Keep sensitive information safe

Help HR and line managers keep on top of key issues with embedded dashboards that can be personalized to reflect specific areas of interest.

Gain insight

Benefit from automatically generated reports with headline figures and graphical reports, so it’s easy to see key information at a glance.

Add focus

Personalize dashboards by selecting from the available widgets. Everyone can focus on the information that’s most important to them.

Protect data

Keep data safe with advanced roles-based security. HR, managers and employees only see the information they are allowed to see.

Dynamic organization charting

Put faces to names and easily understand relationships

Get more from your HR data with automatically generated organization charts that are always up to date, and always available.

Organisation Chart

Connect employees

Help employees put faces to names, find colleagues across the business, and understand where they and everyone else fits.

Chart relationships

Automatically map the structure of your organization, so it’s easier to see roles and relationships and plan for growth or change.

Map key data

Access HR-only charts with employee demographic or absence data to help inform discussions about resourcing or performance.

Employees are finding the system easy to use, and managers can now get the information they need at the drop of a hat… It’s just making everything much more accessible and consistent.


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