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Share information and encourage collaboration with your People module

Create an HR hub

Develop a community

HR, perhaps more than anyone else in an organization, are at the heart of effective employee communication. They are often the ones tasked with ensuring that policies are implemented, day-to-day HR activities run smoothly, employees engaged, managers supported, and important conversations take place.

That’s why Cezanne HR provides much more than a static HR portal. Instead you’ll have an easy way to communicate and interact with everyone in your company.

  • Share documents
  • Encourage conversations
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Invite feedback
  • Support teams
HR Portal

Answer questions

Where do I find our absence policy? Do I have the latest handbook? What’s our policy on flexible working? Where can I apply for internal vacancies? Chances are you get asked questions like this every day. Simply upload your documents to your secure Cezanne HR portal, and let employees help themselves.

Create portals

Set up as many portals as you need, each with their own memberships and joining rules. It’s a perfect way to securely share information based on topic, location or responsibilities.

Share documents

Upload your documents to the relevant portal with just a few clicks. If you have a lot of information to share, group them into categories, so they are easier to find and manage.

Include links

Help employees find relevant information quickly by adding short cuts to external sites. Perhaps to your benefits providers, careers site or CSR partners.

Start a conversation

Post comments or news and invite feedback

Use the social media platform that’s part of your Cezanne HR system to share information and build engagement among employees.

News Posts

Promote collaboration

Anyone, from the MD to your newest employee, can be allowed to contribute to, or manage, the portals that are relevant to them. It’s a powerful way to encourage collaboration and keep important information in one place – and not in fragmented emails.

Post news

Every portal can include an area where you can post quick updates with attachments and links if needed.

Invite feedback

Allow employees to comment on posts, ask their own questions, or simply say thanks.

Get alerts

Automatically notify portal members each time new posts are added or documents uploaded.

How would you use Cezanne’s HR portal?

Here are some of the ways it’s being used today


Store key HR documentsCommunicate important changes
Share company newsAdvertize vacancies
Publish kudosCreate shared interest communities
Announce new winsLink to suppliers
Organize office outings

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