Training and Development

Identify skills and optimize training and development with your People module

Plan training, develop potential

Help everyone to achieve more

Employee development is important for your business, and your employees, so it makes sense to manage it in the best possible way.

With Cezanne HR’s People module, you’ll be able to build a complete picture of the skills, qualifications and experience of your employees, and put them in the context of current and future requirements. It’s simpler to gather development requests, see everyone’s needs, and decide how to get the most from your training resources.

  • Centralize training information
  • Gain a more complete picture
  • Identify needs
  • Develop training plans
  • Focus funds
Development Activities

Gain a more complete view

With information about the qualifications, experience and skills of your employees in one place, you’ll find it easier to see current skill sets, track training investments and make decisions about where to focus resource and budgets.

See key information

Benefit from easy access to details of education, qualifications, previous work experience, skills and more.

Keep a full history

Build a complete record of activities requested (completed or planned) and the associated costs.

Attach documents

Upload training certificates, mentoring reports and other supporting documents to employee records.

We can pull off information about skills, roles, salaries and the number of people at a particular grade – which has given us the power to have conversations with senior managers with the confidence that we can back up what we are saying with accurate data


Take an organized approach

With training budgets under scrutiny, it’s important to be able to optimize use of resources and keep track of where you are spending time and money

Create a catalogue

Set up a list of standard development activities, with preferred providers, costs, locations and duration.

Optimize bookings

Schedule specific activities and add employees to them, so you make the most of sessions and optimize attendance.

Build development plans

Group related activities together, for example new joiner, leadership or graduate programs.


Track training time

Useful at any time, but vital if you’ve staff in countries where it’s mandatory to report on time or money spent in training.

Review costs

Stay on top of budgets by running reports on training delivered, costs incurred and suppliers used.

Engage employees

Naturally, you’ll be able to involve employees and managers in updating information.

Manage mandatory training

Stay on top of important renewals

Almost every businesses has training, such as First Aid, that must be renewed. Just set the training activity as mandatory in the system, specify the reminder date and Cezanne HR will automatically send alerts to the right people at the right time.

Training Notification

Complete the picture

With Cezanne HR’s integrated modules for absence and performance management

Absence Management

Make resource planning simpler by seeing booked training activities alongside other absences in the calendar, such as vacation or sickness.

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Performance Management

Improve your company’s focus on continuous improvement by linking training and development to performance planning and management.

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