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Think global, act local

International HR centralized

As a team, we  have decades of experience developing global HR solutions for organizations worldwide – including including our own!

Our aim is to make managing an international workforce as straight forward as possible whatever the size of your company, or the countries you operate in.

  • See all of your HR data in one place
  • Reflect local requirements
  • Encourage consistency where it matters
  • Facilitate cross-country processes
  • Enable communication and collaboration
Local Language Dashboard

International from the ground up

More than 50% of Cezanne HR’s customers already use their HR system on an international basis. Find out how we can help you too.


Benefit from English (UK & US), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish and Romanian.


Support multiple offices, each with their own cost centers, approval flows, local HR admin permissions, HR portals and more.


Record financial information in the local currency, with the option to use a base currency to enable easier comparisons in reporting.

Cezanne’s ability to manage international requirements made it a particularly attractive choice for us.


Go global the easy way

Because you choose who can access your system, the screens they can see and the processes they can be involved in, it’s easy to roll out the system to local teams in the way that works for you.

Add users

Connect employees to your HR system in just a few clicks, so they feel part of a bigger community.

Define roles

Set up roles that reflect local requirements,for example to provide local HR managers with restricted access to data.

Empower employees

Allow employees to select their preferred language options, as well as and date and currency formatting.

Available translations at no extra charge

Automatically available, so everyone can select their own

Cezanne HR is already being used in over 50 countries worldwide and in ten languages, including UK and US English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish, German and French.


Advanced data security

Your data is hosted at AWS’s world-leading European data facility, so is kept safe within the European Economic Area.

More about security

Fast provisioning

We’ll automatically provision your system in your preferred language, and provide support to help you get started.

More about getting started

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