International HR centralized

Connect your global workforce

As a team, we have decades of experience developing global HR systems for international organisations, including some of the most demanding in the world. Our aim is to make managing an international workforce as straightforward as possible, whatever the size of your company, or the countries you operate in.

  • Encourage consistency where it matters
  • Reflect local requirements
  • Facilitate cross-country processes
  • Enable communication and collaboration


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International from the ground up

Our aim with Cezanne HR from the very start was to design a robust, scalable international Cloud HR system with inbuilt flexibility so it could be easily configured by HR administrators to reflect different working practices and legislative environments. Today, Cezanne HR is helping customers to improve human resources management and connect employees across more than 80 countries.


Benefit from expert translations in 10 languages at no extra charge plus support for non-Western character sets.


Support multiple offices, each with their own cost centers, approval flows, local HR admin permissions, HR portals and more.


Record financial information in local currencies, and set a base currency to enable easier comparisons in reporting.

Configuration options

Local when it matters

You’ll have the flexibility to configure key elements of the system to accommodate different ways of working across different departments, companies, regions or countries.

Local calendars

Reflect different public holidays on a country or regional basis. Essential for accurate absence management.

Configurable processes

Define different processes for different groups of employees, so you can reflect local working practices or individual team needs.

Regional portals

Set up multiple HR portals and workspaces so it’s easier to share relevant information with employees on a regional or country basis.



Benefit from country-specific forms, configurable absences and other features that help support local legislation.


Add your own drop downs, and translate them, so you collect the same data, but in a way that everyone understands.

Security permissions

Benefit from easy-to-set up security roles that let you control what information employees can access or change.

Cezanne’s ability to manage international requirements made it a particularly attractive choice for us.


Available translations at no extra charge

Benefit from expert translations in English (UK & US), Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Turkish and Romanian.


Global Tablet

International human resources management

Go global the easy way


  • Get started quickly

    We’ll automatically provision your system in your preferred languages at no extra charge, and our expert consultants will be on hand to provide support to help you get started.

  • Benefit from advanced security

    GDPR compliant and specifically built to keep your data safe, your Cezanne HR system is hosted at AWS’s world-leading European data facility, and kept safe within the European Economic Area.

  • Grow with confidence

    Add new locations, cost centers, divisions, departments and employees whenever you want to. Thanks to Cezanne HR’s scalable infrastructure, the system will automatically grow to support you

  • Set your own security roles

    Have the freedom to define user security roles that reflect local requirements, for example to provide local HR managers with restricted access to data.

  • Break down barriers

    Add employees and connect them to their colleagues so they feel part of your whole community in just a few clicks.

  • Empower employees

    Allow employees to select their preferred language options from the available translations, as well as date and currency formatting.

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