Time Tracking

Make it easier for your people to record how they spend their time

Make time tracking a breeze

Save time, improve accuracy

For many organizations, timesheets are an essential business tool, helping to inform resourcing and drive billing. However, they can take up way too much of everyone’s time.

Cezanne HR’s integrated Time module helps streamline every aspect of time recording, from set up and distribution of timesheets to authorization and reporting.

  • Create and manage multiple timesheets
  • Automate approval routing
  • Keep processes on track
  • Inform resourcing decisions
  • Export data to payroll or other apps
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Timesheet Projects

Streamline your approach

Faster, centralized and more accurate time entry means less paperwork, better information and more productive employees.

Get going fast

Benefit from the HR data you already have. There’s no need to re-key employee data, or worry about the impact of working time patterns or public holidays.

Keep control

Define who can create or amend timesheets, and they can get going straight away. You’ll still have overall control, but none of the administration headache.

Flex to fit

Use time sheets to manage multiple projects, or simply record working hours, set different types (e.g. overtime, travel), define limits, and choose who should participate.


Improve accuracy

Personalized pick lists and clear layouts ensure employees can easily allocate time against the relevant activities. On-screen alerts flag up issues, so information is as accurate as possible before it’s submitted.

Simplify sign off

Submitted timesheets are automatically routed to the authorizing manager (or managers) for checking. Depending on permissions, timesheets can be amended, or annotated and rejected for re-submission.

Liberate data

Centralized timesheets mean tracking and reporting is instantly simpler. You can export data for payroll, billing or analysis – or upload data from other time management systems for a more complete view.

Track what matters

Manage time against specific activities, or simply see hours worked

You decide who should complete timesheets, and how much – or how little – information to record. Each timesheet is personal to the employee, so they’ll only see what you want them to.

Simple Timesheet

Use with Absences

For a more complete view, use Time alongside Cezanne HR’s integrated Absence module. Booked time off, sickness and other leave automatically appear in the employee’s timesheet. Double entry is avoided, accuracy improved and approving managers gain a more complete picture.

More about Absences

The feedback on the Time module has been really positive. Information is updated on the system immediately, managers can sign off timesheets easily, and everyone knows exactly where they are.

Medstrom Healthcare

Featured Case Study


See how Medstrom are using Cezanne HR’s Time module to stay on top of permitted overtime and on-call allowances, and generate the information required for payroll

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Medstrom Case Study