Coronavirus: 5 online resources to support you and your team

The COVID-19 outbreak has created a difficult time for all of us. HR teams across all industries are facing enormous challenges as they look to find the best way to support their businesses and their employees through this uncertain time.

Luckily, there are many in the HR space stepping in to providing clarity and guidance. Offering free webinars and advice ranging from mental health management, to support for remote workers and preserving lines of communication, this article recommends 5 useful resources to support you and your team through the challenges ahead.

Supporting staff remote working

ACAS webinars

Having collated a vast sum of supportive documents on topics such as self-isolation, managing remote working and lines of communication, the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service maintains its leadership status to employers, large and small, on advising on workplace rights, roles, and protection.

Offering regular free and interactive webinars aimed at supporting smaller enterprises with practical advice on tackling the crisis, these sessions could be a highly useful asset to your team.

HRZone’s coronavirus hub

Another useful online source for your team must include the digital HR publication HRZone’s coronavirus content hub. Aiming for a more discursive approach to combat the ramifications of COVID-19, it acts as a supportive network, and a platform where industry commenters, as well as HR teams, can collaborate and share strategies.

A source for the positive reinforcement we truly need, it earns a place on this list.

CIPD support materials

Renowned professional HR and people development body, the CIPD, has also launched a useful COVID-19 portal. The site collates and publishes supportive materials, such as the ‘10 top tips for healthy remote working’, and a thorough FAQ page. Offering guidance on topics such as business continuity strategies, employer response plans, and controlling risks, the hub has gathered a wide array of useful documents to guide you and your team.

MIND’ support network

Mental health charity MIND is an excellent resource for supporting yourself and your team. With tips on maintaining mental flexibility, preventing burnout, supporting lines of communication and establishing Wellness Action Plans, plus a litany of other supportive tools, their content is designed to help you and your team build mental resilience, and better support your wider workforce.

XpertHR’s resource roundup

A leading provider of advice on UK employment law and good practice, XpertHR is well positioned to give guidance on preparation and response to the coronavirus. With real-time updates on the law, as well as commentary pieces and podcasts, XpertHR provides not only supportive materials to maintain compliance, but practical measures in mitigating the impact of COVID-19. Please note: some of the XpertHR’s services require subscription.

Please find links to these resources below:

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