Are you wasting time and money on poor employee recruitment and onboarding?

Our survey of 1000 UK office workers found that poor recruitment and onboarding practices is costing UK businesses millions.

And, although this is a shocking revelation, it shouldn’t perhaps come as that big of a surprise. After all, in another survey we conducted, we discovered that over a fifth of all new hires felt concerned about their choice of employer. In addition, nearly two thirds of employees surveyed found their onboarding experience stressful – not the best way to start a new role!

In short, poor employee onboarding and recruitment can be hugely damaging – both for employees and employers. However, as our infographic below shows, it’s in the employer’s best interests to up their onboarding and recruitment strategies. The statistics support the long-held belief that having an organised and thorough onboarding programme is vital for business success.



Streamline Onboarding

with Cezanne HR’s integrated Cloud HR solution

Engage new joiners

and make sure key activities don’t get overlooked

With easy-to-set-up welcome portals and task lists, Cezanne HR’s integrated module for employee onboarding and lifecycle management takes the pain out of onboarding, helps ensure key activities don’t get overlooked and ensures other key employee lifecycle events, from promotions to relocations can be managed more smoothly too.

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