Former majority shareholders of Cezanne Software launch Cezanne HR, a new HR software and services company focused on Cezanne HR, a powerful online HR solution for SMEs.

The new company, Cezanne HR, is owned by the same shareholders that invested over the past five years in developing, as part of Cezanne Software, the software and the capabilities underpinning the Cezanne HR online HR service, currently used by thousands of employees in more than 15 countries worldwide. The announcement comes after the sale to Lefebvre Software of the Cezanne Software business focused on mid and large-sized enterprises.

Alberto Gabbai, former Chairman of Cezanne Software, and now Chairman of Cezanne HR says: “Interest and investment in HR solutions continue to be strong, outpacing most other business application markets. There are clear signs that a powerful, scalable and easy-to-manage Cloud-based HR software solution is opening up a big market of small and medium-sized enterprises that are attracted by a new generation of more cost-effective and agile HR solutions, such as Cezanne HR. With this in mind, we decided to invest a major portion of the proceeds of the sale of the Cezanne Software business in Cezanne HR, with ambitious growth plans for Cezanne HR.”

The Cezanne HR team is the same team that has been managing Cezanne HR in the past, ensuring continuity for the existing customers of the Cezanne HR online HR software service.

Alberto Gabbai says: “We are very excited about the future for Cezanne HR. The SME market is huge: we have just scratched the surface, and the feedback from the existing customers is very encouraging. In my view, the potential is huge and we are determined to grow very fast. The next few years will be very interesting.”

He adds: “I am also confident that the acquisition of Cezanne Software by the Lefebvre group is good news for Cezanne Software’s customers, partners and employees because Lefebvre can offer continuity and evolution in all existing product lines. We will be working closely with Lefebvre to ensure a smooth transition in order to ensure no disruption for all customers.”