It’s been a busy month for our Development and QA teams, and we’re delighted to announce a host of new features designed to make life even easier for our customers.

Fresher look and feel

First off is a refresh to the look and feel of Cezanne HR to make it clearer and more pleasing to the eye. The icons are now cleaner and sharper, the colour palette is brighter and the controls and UI elements more distinctive. On their own, these changes may not be easily noticeable, but they work together to create a more consistent and enjoyable experience overall.

New sickness notifications

There are some performance metrics that pretty much every business needs to keep an eye on. One of them is unplanned absences. HR administrators now have the option to trigger notifications based on thresholds they define for sickness days, events and the Bradford factor.

Easier document attachments

Securely storing documents has always been a major – but necessary – headache for HR. And, Cezanne has always allowed documents to be easily uploaded into the HR system. With the new release, documents can be attached to a much wider range of person-based screens than before. That means it’s quicker to track down documents, like fit notes, visas or disciplinary reports, by going directly to the relevant screens in the employee record. As before, documents are protected by the system’s security, so can only be accessed by those with the right permissions.

More flexible export templates

It’s always been easy to export data from Cezanne HR – but not always in the format required by third party apps. We’re aiming to put that right by giving customers more flexibility over what’s included in their export templates. It’s a quick, easy and extremely cost-effective way of transferring data collected in Cezanne HR to other solutions, such as payroll.

Of course, for situations that require closer integration, Cezanne’s API provides a smarter alternative.

Want to know more? Get in touch.

If you are curious to find out how you can use these – and many other – smart features to make HR simpler for your business, just get in touch. We’ll be happy to arrange a demo for you.