Maternity leave Compassionate leave Military service
Paternity leave Medical appointments Sabbatical
Adoption leave Jury service Careers leave
Parental leave Public duties Study leave

Health & Safety

Log incidents or accidents in the workplace, record follow-up investigation and outcomes, and generate reports.

Right to work

Store copies of key documents, such as passports and visas; set notifications to stay on top of renewal dates, and track where employees live, and when they move.

Disciplinary & Grievance

Document each step of a grievance or disciplinary process and capture the relevant information, including key dates and parties involved, outcomes and follow-up dates.

Pension status

Record opt in/opt out status and track key dates so you can trigger required documentation.

Mandatory training & qualifications

Keep track of training or certifications that need to be kept up to date, with the option to define who should be notified when renewals or re-training is due.


Upload key documents or use the integrated document management functionality to generate any kind of document, from contracts to TUPE notifications with tracking and e-signature.


Ensure key information is received, read and centrally and securely recorded with integrated e-signatures and document tracking.

Key events

Note key events against employee records, such as requests to work part time, and record what was agreed.

GDPR compliance

Enable easier GDPR compliance by bringing all your HR data into one secure, GDPR-compliant system and benefiting from secure self-service, document tracking and smart tools that allow you to automate data deletion and anonymisation in line with your requirements.

Parental leave

Take advantage of Cezanne HR’s integrated Absence Management module to manage maternity, paternity and other parental leave.

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