Manage your people the easy way

Cezanne’s flexible online HR software provides everything that’s needed to take the hassle out of human resources management. With comprehensive functionality, intuitive self-service, built-in dashboards, mobile apps and much more, it makes HR management simpler and more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Modular, so you can pick the functionality you need
  • Configurable, to allow you to tailor the system to suit you
  • Connected and global, so you can engage employees wherever they are
Cezanne's HR software helps manage people better

Save time and get better results

You’ll benefit from a host of smart time-saving features designed to make your working day easier. Administration is dramatically reduced, important activities less likely to get overlooked, and informed decisions easier to make.

  • Save time by routing tasks and approvals automatically
  • Stay in control with automatic alerts and notifications
  • Gain instant access to accurate, up-to-date HR information
Cezanne's absence management software helps cut absences and paperwork

Engage and connect employees

Let employees help themselves to the information they need, request time off, find policy documents, connect with colleagues and much more, without losing control over either the data or the process. It’s the easiest way to keep everything working smoothly.

  • Improve productivity with intuitive employee self-service
  • Share information and get feedback using the HR portal and social workspaces
  • Connect on the move with native mobile apps
Cezanne's performance management software helps you focus on performance

Benefit from HR in the Cloud

Cezanne HR is a pure Cloud solution. It’s been built from the ground up on a robust multi-tenanted platform that lets us provide you with an agile, easy to manage, secure and cost-effective HR information system that – like our customer community – is growing all the time.

  • Get up and running in just days or weeks
  • Benefit from the latest features as soon as they are available
  • No need to worry about IT infrastructure, we take care of it for you
  • Available online 24/7 from PC, tablet or smart phone
Cezanne's intergrated HR portal and social workspaces improve communcation and collaboration

Manage an international workforce

Built from the start as a global HR software system, Cezanne HR is today serving tens of thousands of employees in over 50 countries worldwide. It offers the sophistication you need to reflect local ways of working, and connect your employees wherever they are.

  • Ensure employees feel at home with local terminology and ways of working
  • Control access and configure processes to fit local practices
  • Take advantage of multiple language translations at no extra cost. Supports non-Western character sets, such as Chinese.
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Cezanne's Human resources management solutions are global at their heart