How to manage conflict in your team

You would have to have been holed up in a cave for the past week to not be aware of the fierce debate that has erupted over Jeremy Clarkson’s alleged ‘fracas’ with a producer colleague. Thanks to Clarkson’s high profile, the workplace meltdown has attracted acres of press coverage and hours of broadcast time. But […]

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How to win support for a new HR system

Getting senior management buy-in to HR software can be a challenge. There’s often the perception that HR technology will be expensive and complicated to implement – and won’t make enough of a difference to justify the investment in time and money. Practitioners who need to get the business on board will have to make full use […]

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What’s holding HR back? Is it technology?

As I was reading the recent CIPD HR Outlook report, I was surprised to see that only 30% of HR practitioners reported implementing HR software that allows manager and employee self-service, while just 28% were using HR portals; the figures were even less for SMEs (companies employing up to 250 staff). These findings wouldn’t have been […]

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How HR can become a game-changer

I was fascinated by some research that came out last week on the DNA of ‘Game-changers’ – those people who are ahead of the curve, not afraid to step outside of the norm, and have the ability to drive real change. The survey by talent firm eg.1 suggests that although these ‘idea generators’ and ‘risk […]

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How to make home-working successful

Recent research from Cezanne HR shows that there is a growing appetite for home-working, with almost 40 per cent of employees surveyed in the UK saying they would be happy to take a lower paid job if it gave them more freedom over where to work. There are real advantages for companies who are willing […]

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