How to boost your productivity at work

What’s been distracting you today? The relentless ping of emails arriving in your in-box? A constantly-ringing telephone? Or maybe colleagues intent on regaling you with the details of their plans for the weekend? A recent article in People Management suggests that if we could banish unproductive days in the office, the economy would be £250 […]

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HR’s role in preventing IT overload

There’s been an interesting debate recently about the ‘dark side’ of IT, prompted by some research coming out of the University of Lancaster Management School. Its study into the over-use of technology suggests that IT is actually decreasing productivity and innovation in some organisations, despite the widely-held view that it actually does the opposite. According […]

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Getting a workplace community off to a flying start

I’ve been fascinated by a recent online debate taking place between the CIPD and the British Institute of Facilities Management about what makes for a great workplace. ‘The workplace conversation’ comes from the premise that the three main parties involved in creating the optimum workplace – HR, IT and Facilities Management – often tend to […]

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How much faith should you put in CVs?

If the latest survey by the Risk Advisory Group is anything to go by, it’s more important than ever before to take what you read on CVs with a pinch of salt. In an analysis of 3,000 CVs, they found the number of candidates lying about their background or achievements had increased by 15 per […]

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Five TED Talks for HR professionals – part 2

With a library of more than 1900 (and growing) inspirational, informative, thought-provoking, rallying, ingenious, funny, courageous and  fascinating talks to choose from, we couldn’t resist a dip into TED Talks pond. So, here are five more TED Talks for HR professionals looking for personal and professional growth – carefully selected by the team at Cezanne HR. […]

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Supporting employee well-being

Recent press reports about the health risks of the ‘sedentary’ lives led by office workers has brought the issue of employee well-being to the fore. Research from On your Feet Britain, together with the British Heart Foundation, suggests that sitting for long periods of time at work is linked to a host of health problems. […]

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How to manage conflict in your team

You would have to have been holed up in a cave for the past week to not be aware of the fierce debate that has erupted over Jeremy Clarkson’s alleged ‘fracas’ with a producer colleague. Thanks to Clarkson’s high profile, the workplace meltdown has attracted acres of press coverage and hours of broadcast time. But […]

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