Dealing with difficult conversations – what’s your type?

When it comes to difficult situations at work, I’m the ‘peacekeeper’ – the one who tries to smooth ruffled feathers and keep everyone happy. I know this because I’ve taken the CMI’s conversational styles quiz, designed to help people understand their natural approach to challenging discussions and learn strategies to improve the way they approach […]

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Five films for HR professionals

Films have the power to transport us into other worlds, times – and workplaces. The workplace film is an age-old genre based around something that in some way we can all identify with: the weird, wonderful, and ever-confusing minefield of unspoken rules and professional expectations that is the modern workplace. These films can be great […]

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Job-based competency reviews

If you are using our performance module, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s pretty sophisticated. With Cezanne HR, you can build a form using objectives, competencies and questions – all of which can be scored using your own rating system, but sometimes sophistication comes at a price: more effort for you the HR Administrator to […]

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How to make performance management more meaningful

There’s change afoot in the world of performance management, with a recent report from PwC suggesting at least two-thirds of companies are rethinking their appraisal processes. The firm’s research found that organisations were shifting their focus towards continuous feedback, rather than the traditional annual review, with 1 in 20 planning to abandon formal evaluations altogether. […]

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How to tap into global talent

In a global, interconnected world, the opportunities for people to work abroad have never been greater. A year in New York opening a new satellite office? A secondment to Germany to oversee a business-critical project? A few months in Dubai investigating opportunities to develop new markets in the Middle East? You might think employees would jump […]

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Recording Futuristic Data

In the last blog, we took a look at the benefits of storing historical data. Another benefit of being able to store data in this way is that it enables you to enter futuristic data i.e. a record with an ‘Effective From’ date that is in the future. This might sound a bit fantastical, but […]

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Recording Historical Data

  We’re big believers in recording historical data – we do it on nearly every screen in the system. This means that records such as ‘Employment Contracts’, ‘Compensation’ and ‘Working & Scheduled Time’ have an ‘Effective From’ and an ‘Effective To’ date, and each change in the employee’s circumstances results in a new entry in […]

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