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Can your employees drive their own engagement?

An alternative take on employee engagement this week from leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith, who suggests that companies are missing a trick by only focusing on only one side of the engagement equation. HR is so busy communicating the values, creating positive management cultures and building reward and recognition programmes that it’s forgotten the vital ingredient […]

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Should HR stay out of workplace politics?

Food for thought this week in an article in HR Magazine, which advises that HR people should stay out of workplace politics. Be aware, but don’t play the game, was the message in the piece—which suggests that if people see HR manoeuvring, manipulating and under-mining, they are unlikely to trust its advice. There’s no doubt it’s […]

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Sun, Sea and Self-Service

Working in HR, I’m sure you’re aware of the benefits of employee self-service for you. Less time wasted on data entry, or answering endless questions from colleagues about holiday entitlements, sick days taken or processes that need to be followed. But how does it feel from the employee’s perspective? Here’s my take on holiday management […]

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5 things HR can learn from the Nudge Theory

I saw a prime example of the ‘nudge’ theory in action this week, while having lunch at an organisation I was visiting. Information about the calories in the various meals on offer was prominently displayed, to help those who were watching their weight or trying to eat more healthily make appropriate choices. It certainly worked for […]

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The 10 best automation tools for HR

I imagine I’m not the only one who resents spending time on manual repetitive tasks. Activities that can’t be ignored, but aren’t really adding value either. It’s not just bad for my personal sanity, but for business too! Here’s our list of the ten top HR automations that let you work smarter – so you […]

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