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Getting employee recognition right

A business I visit regularly has a fantastic receptionist. Always ready with a smile, remembers everyone’s name and is willing to go the extra mile to sort out any issue. I was delighted recently to hear that she had been nominated for an award for outstanding customer service and was going to have her achievements […]

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What your employees expect from HR software

It’s clear from the research, that HR professionals have a huge amount to gain from adopting the latest HR technology. All of their data in one place, a significant reduction in admin, automation of tedious and time-consuming processes and the latest HR analytics at their fingertips. But, without widespread employee adoption, it is highly likely […]

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Five steps to better performance

Good news for HR this week in the shape of research from Investors in People, which found that positive people practices had a significant impact on the bottom line. The ‘Impact of Investing in People’ study found that changes to the way people are managed could make a huge difference to productivity and performance, resulting […]

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What is HTML5 and why should you care?

If you’re in the market for a new HR system, getting to grips with the latest technologies is a must. Making the wrong choice could tie you into an inflexible system that restricts your choices – and leaves you out of pocket and out of favour. About 18 months ago my son’s school announced – […]

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Scheda di valutazione

How to get new recruits up to speed… fast!

In a lively employment market, and at a time when skills shortages are becoming a real issue, employers need to make sure they keep hold of their best talent. But research suggests that many businesses are finding hanging onto their Generation Y workers, for any substantial length of time, a real challenge. A recent study […]

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Dealing with difficult conversations – what’s your type?

When it comes to difficult situations at work, I’m the ‘peacekeeper’ – the one who tries to smooth ruffled feathers and keep everyone happy. I know this because I’ve taken the CMI’s conversational styles quiz, designed to help people understand their natural approach to challenging discussions and learn strategies to improve the way they approach […]

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Five films for HR professionals

Films have the power to transport us into other worlds, times – and workplaces. The workplace film is an age-old genre based around something that in some way we can all identify with: the weird, wonderful, and ever-confusing minefield of unspoken rules and professional expectations that is the modern workplace. These films can be great […]

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Job-based competency reviews

If you are using our performance module, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s pretty sophisticated. With Cezanne HR, you can build a form using objectives, competencies and questions – all of which can be scored using your own rating system, but sometimes sophistication comes at a price: more effort for you the HR Administrator to […]

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How to make performance management more meaningful

There’s change afoot in the world of performance management, with a recent report from PwC suggesting at least two-thirds of companies are rethinking their appraisal processes. The firm’s research found that organisations were shifting their focus towards continuous feedback, rather than the traditional annual review, with 1 in 20 planning to abandon formal evaluations altogether. […]

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