How HR can develop its resilience

It was hardly surprising to read last week that levels of self-confidence and emotional resilience among HR professionals have dropped in recent years. HR people not only have to bear the brunt of much criticism from business colleagues, but are also in the front line when it comes to dealing with the fall-out from unpopular […]

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Employing overseas talent: staying legal

Employing people from overseas hit the headlines again last month with the Queen’s Speech and the announcement of government plans to crack down on illegal workers, and further limit sponsorship of overseas workers. Employers are ultimately responsible for checking that employees have the right to work in the UK. Deliberately taking on illegal workers can […]

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Why “digitally deluded” matters to HR

According to a recent webinar run by management school Roffey Park, leaders tend to fall into one of two camps when it comes to our increasingly digital world. They are supposedly either enthusiastic adopters who regard digital as the holy grail that will solve all our problems – or have their heads buried in the […]

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How to boost your productivity at work

What’s been distracting you today? The relentless ping of emails arriving in your in-box? A constantly-ringing telephone? Or maybe colleagues intent on regaling you with the details of their plans for the weekend? A recent article in People Management suggests that if we could banish unproductive days in the office, the economy would be £250 […]

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HR’s role in preventing IT overload

There’s been an interesting debate recently about the ‘dark side’ of IT, prompted by some research coming out of the University of Lancaster Management School. Its study into the over-use of technology suggests that IT is actually decreasing productivity and innovation in some organisations, despite the widely-held view that it actually does the opposite. According […]

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