Reducing data entry, making reporting easier and saving on costs with a Cezanne HR/HFX integration

HFX has been working with Emplas to look after their time and attendance needs for about 10 years. When Emplas expressed a desire for a joined-up HR software solution in 2019, they chose Cezanne HR. Cezanne HR integrates with HFX via a bespoke API, almost eliminating the need to duplicate data entry across systems. As HFX feeds data to Emplas’ payroll system, the integration with Cezanne HR has made payroll data entry much simpler for Emplas, too.

At the forefront of innovation in energy efficient, low maintenance and sustainable building technologies, Emplas supplies home improvement businesses nationwide. It has grown in the past four decades from start-up, to become one of the UK’s largest window and door fabricators, employing more than 450 people from its state-of-the-art Northamptonshire manufacturing base.

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Judith, the HR Manager at Emplas detailed how the HFX/Cezanne HR integration has helped their business.

What need led you to consider an integration between HFX and Cezanne HR?

We didn’t previously have a comprehensive HR system. HFX was looking after our Time and Attendance (T&A) needs, and we had a separate payroll system with its own HR module. We wanted a cost-effective solution to look after all our HR needs, and integrating HFX’s T&A with Cezanne HR offered us that.

How does the integration between HFX and Cezanne HR work for Emplas?

Our priority for the integration was to keep our HR database up to date. The integration ensures employee information such as name, start date, end date, department, manager, pay rate, working patterns, planned absences and payroll company (we have various payrolls in our group with different pay periods) are consistent in Cezanne HR, HFX and our payroll system.

We create a record for our employees in Cezanne HR, that information feeds through to HFX where T&A records are maintained, and then the relevant employee details, including time worked, get sent on to payroll – ensuring people only get paid for the time they’ve actually worked. To close the loop, if for any reason a staff member hasn’t clocked in, HFX sends a notification to the person’s manager the following day, and the manager notes that down on their Cezanne HR record.

Can you tell us a little bit about the project to create the integration?

We have Cezanne HR’s People, Absence, Recruitment and Onboarding modules, and it’s within the Absence module that the integration took place. Most of the coding work for the integration was on HFX’s side, with Cezanne HR guiding Emplas and HFX in terms of what fields needed to be integrated.

One of the hurdles we had to overcome was that HFX and Cezanne HR record time in different increments – Cezanne HR works in half days, whereas HFX works in minutes and hours; HFX and Cezanne HR were able to find a solution for this. I was really pleased with how HFX and Cezanne HR responded to the invariable hiccups that arose as we were getting the integration up and running.

What are the main advantages you’ve seen as a result of the integration?

The integration has delivered massive benefits for us. Without an integration, we would have to double enter a lot of data, including annual leave, into both our T&A and our previous HR module. Now, because Cezanne HR pushes data through to HFX, there’s no duplicate data entry.

Our payroll manager loves the integration. She works with both systems: HFX and Cezanne HR. She has helped with a lot of the integration development, and sees the benefit of bringing it all together. Payroll doesn’t have to enter much data at all anymore, as it’s pulled though from Cezanne HR to HFX to payroll.

The integration has also allowed us to get rid of a lot of paper, and it makes it easier to find information when needed. Cezanne HR’s reporting capabilities are very user friendly, so HR’s time can be focused on more detailed reports from the three systems as required.

And our people are happy that they can book their holidays and have them authorised all in one place with Cezanne HR’s Absence module. So, there are advantages all round for the business.

How can you see the integration being helpful in the future?

Over the last year, Emplas’ group of businesses have been working more closely together, and HR provides support for the whole group. Because the integration has given us a very cost-effective T&A and HR solution, we’re able to add additional employees from across the group (namely Padiham Glass and Acorn Aluminium) onto Cezanne HR and HFX. This is a really easy process for us because we’re now very familiar with the system; and having one database with all our group’s employees will make it much easier for the HR team to service all our companies.

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