Global security assessment organisation trusts Cezanne HR to support their growth

We’ve been working with Outpost24, a global full stack security assessment organisation specialising in security penetration testing, as their HR system provider since 2014. It was our pleasure to speak with Olga Venge, the HR Business Partner at Outpost24 about their experience working with Cezanne HR. Olga has been with Outpost24 since August 2017 and currently uses Cezanne HR’s People, Absence and Recruitment modules.


Thanks for agreeing to share your experiences working with Cezanne HR, Olga. Can you please tell us a bit more about Outpost24?

Outpost24 was created in 2001, and we’ve got offices in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, UK, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, Greece and the US. We’re growing quickly, we’ve tripled in size since we started using Cezanne HR as our HR management system, and we’re now supporting over 2,000 organisations globally. We work with our clients to secure their technology investments and we’re considered one of the leading security assessment companies. We provide specialist tools for security professionals to detect vulnerabilities across their network, apps, Cloud and wireless infrastructures to ensure they can effectively mitigate the risk of cyber-attack and proactively protect themselves against cybercriminals.

This limits operational downtime and keeps their critical assets and data secure.

I understand that Cezanne HR is also one of your clients?

Yes, that’s right! We’ve been providing Cezanne HR with Application Security testing since 2016, helping their security teams to ensure their application is secure throughout its lifecycle as it gets continually updated to meet the expectations and differing needs of us, their customers. Cezanne HR uses our SWAT solution, which combines continual penetration testing and automated scanning, as well as regular manual testing so they can run development updates without weaknesses creeping in, to remain compliant and prove to their customer base they are doing the necessary checks continuously.

We share lots of personal data about our employees with Cezanne HR so it’s very important we feel confident this data is safe and secure. We help Cezanne HR achieve data sovereignty through our vulnerability management software. It’s fulfilling for our team to know that we’re supporting Cezanne HR to boost their security capabilities. In turn, Cezanne HR trusts Outpost24 to secure their application to reduce their risk exposure so they feel confident they will never suffer a breach. Personally, it’s been great to be able to work together as both customer and supplier to really understand each other’s businesses.

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When Outpost24 was looking for an HR system, what were the top concerns?

As we took on more employees, we needed a system that could support our growth. I wasn’t with the organisation when we implemented Cezanne HR, but I understand that keeping up with the admin and data entry, and all the requests coming in via email and logging everything manually on a spreadsheet was getting too difficult to manage and not sustainable. We hadn’t worked with a HR system in the past, so our team looked at lots of options in the marketplace. We especially liked that Cezanne HR was configurable, global and really cost effective. In return, Cezanne HR was happy to reach out to Outpost24 in 2016 when they saw a need for continuous application security testing, and we were delighted to help implement this and we’ve not looked back since!

What modules did you start with?

As the team was new to using a HR system, we started with the core People module, and then added the Absence and Recruitment modules. We were very keen to utilise these new features as our needs evolved with the system to include onboarding and training.

What have been the main benefits of using the Cezanne HR system?

We use the People and Absence modules on a daily basis, and they are very important tools for our business. The Absence module allows managers and the HR team to approve and track holiday requests and other absences – which saves everyone a lot of time. We love the fact the system is automated and very easy for both management and employees to use to track their holidays and other absences.

We’ve found the Cezanne HR modules to be easy, user-friendly and quick to learn. The notifications are also working very well. We get a list of who is absent, and they remind us about when probation periods are expiring, which is very good, so we can remind the managers. We have employees globally so it’s critical to our business growth that our HR management is automated and simple to use. We can run reports for management very quickly and easily. As a small HR team this is very welcome as our time is extremely limited and stretched as we juggle the needs of multiple new joiners and leavers across different locations and time zones.

It’s also great that we can manage our HR documentation digitally, and that we have one source of information on our people that feeds into other processes, like payroll. We export absence data from Cezanne HR for our payroll. This saves us time and takes away the worry of human error. I know the finance team also use data extracted from Cezanne HR for financial reports, for example for authorities in different countries.

We really like the Recruitment module, too, because it’s reduced the admin involved in hiring new staff – the module shows the overall recruitment process, and helps managers get to know their candidates. It definitely takes away the stress of excessive paperwork.

We’ve also been happy with the integration of our learning platform, Docebo, with Cezanne HR.

How important is it to you to have an HR system that supports different regions?

It’s critical! We operate in 10 countries, 9 across Europe and several US states, with lots of different regulations. With employees situated across 10 different countries – that’s a lot of absence calendars and different entitlement rules to manage. The US even has different holidays depending on the state. Cezanne HR automatically calculates paid time off entitlements that reflect local requirements – so we don’t have to worry about doing the maths. It’s a real time-saver and makes sure the information is accurate, too. Its also useful from an employee perspective as they appreciate being able to manage and monitor their own holiday entitlement via the easy to use interface, which is always up to date and accessible anywhere via their own secure login.

It’s really important to us that our HR system supports all of our employees – no matter where they are based. Cezanne HR’s 24/7 secure self-service means all of our employees have easy access to their own information – and the smart automation and approval workflows mean that processes, like approving holidays, run much more smoothly.

What has been your experience of Cezanne HR’s customer support?

One of the best benefits of working with Cezanne HR is that the customer services team is really responsive and gives us great support! We get answers back quickly, and the instructions and resources are always clear and easy to follow – this means that our HR team isn’t held up from getting on with their work.

What sort of feedback have you had from your HR team and line managers?

Our managers have been really happy that they can find data quickly and easily. They used to have to trawl through spreadsheets and emails which was a nightmare and led to mistakes and it took too long to run simple reports – but now key information about their teams is available at the click of a mouse. They are very happy with it and Cezanne HR has become their go to HR system, with many utilising it on a daily basis.

The business also appreciates that Cezanne HR supports our growth. It’s much easier now to scale up and keep pace with our increasing workforce – different working patterns, processes, absence entitlements, calendars, and locations!

What’s next for Outpost24 and Cezanne HR?

We’ve been really happy with Cezanne HR – the system has made our growing business’ HR needs much easier to manage. Ensuring our sensitive HR data is kept safe and managed in a way that is legally compliant is a priority for our business. It’s good to know that Cezanne HR takes security as seriously as we do.

We’re always exploring new solutions with Cezanne HR, and we’ve recently added the Performance module.

Would you recommend Cezanne HR?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Cezanne HR. It’s very flexible, which makes it a great HR system if you are growing or have employees in multiple countries.

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Olga Venge, HR Business Partner