International organisation saves on admin time with Cezanne HR

At the recent Cezanne HR customer day, we had the chance to catch up with Aleksejs Girs of Lottoland, an international software organisation with a workforce of around 350 employees across 30 countries. We asked him about his experience of working with Cezanne HR. This is what he said.

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Could you tell us a bit about yourself and the company you work for?

My name is Aleksejs Girs, I specialise in payroll and benefits, and I work in the People Operations team at Lottoland in Gibraltar. The company was set up in 2013 as a disruptor in the lottery market, and today we have operations in 15 markets across Europe and worldwide.

How are you finding the Cezanne HR customer day?

It’s really positive. The people are great, and I am learning a lot about the Cezanne HR system. As an organisation we’ve been using Cezanne HR since 2015, but I only joined the company a year ago. I’ve discovered what I haven’t used so far – and how I can get more from the system going forward.

What do you think are the main benefits of the Cezanne HR system?

It’s saving us a lot of time across the business. For example, our employees are using it to book holidays and record sickness, and managers use it for reporting. In a previous role, I had to manually input every single employee’s holiday into a system, which was a nightmare.

With Cezanne HR, that admin overhead goes away, as does the paperwork. We don’t have a single filing cabinet in our HR office.

For myself, I can easily get the information I need for payroll, and I’ve set up pre-configured reports to make that even more straightforward.

Thinking to the future, how do you see your use of Cezanne HR evolving?

At Lottoland, we currently use quite a few systems, and I’d love to use more of Cezanne HR’s modules, so we have fewer systems to manage and the data is joined up. An example is the performance management module, and the new functionality you are adding for analytics looks amazing.

How would you describe the support team at Cezanne HR?

Supportive. Responsive. Open. When I joined Lottoland the Cezanne HR system was new to me, and I asked the support team a lot of questions. They were helpful and honest, which I really value. If one of the consultants didn’t have an answer, they’d find someone else to help me. And, if a feature wasn’t in the system yet, they’d make sure the development team knew about it.

Would you recommend Cezanne HR to a friend?

Yes, I’d definitely recommend Cezanne HR to a friend, or any person in HR. The system is user-friendly, it is getting better all the time, the support is excellent and because we are growing together and challenging each other as a business, which I think is great. I wouldn’t want to change that.

Lottoland Aleksejs Girs

Aleksejs Girs,
People Operations Co-ordinator