Highly-experienced HR consultant chose Cezanne HR for her forward-thinking legal client

Tracey McCormick, from Purple Starfish Consulting, has been providing HR services for over 20 years so she knows what she’s looking for when she goes to market for new HR systems. When one of her valued legal customers had a need for HR software that is both intuitive and full of great functionality, Cezanne HR was an easy choice.

Tracey explains more…

How were you able to save your customer time and money with Cezanne HR?

I have worked with my customer to set up the Cezanne HR People, Absence and Onboarding modules. I think the software is very clever – especially the reporting tool – and costed well.

Cezanne HR saves my customer on hours they’d otherwise have to pay for me to perform HR tasks manually. In particular, the Onboarding module is now saving my legal customer up to 2 hours of my consulting time each month in helping with new joiners.

What are the different ways you’ve been using Cezanne HR’s Onboarding module?

I’ve supported my legal customer with a significant recruitment drive over the last three months with about 20 new starters. I’ve recently also signed them up to the Onboarding module which will be great moving forward. The software helps to ensure that everyone involved in the onboarding process has been doing what they are meant to – I’m not having to call everyone to check they are completing their onboarding tasks.

I’ve also used the Onboarding module for people exiting the business and those taking maternity leave. And I’ve set up a maternity portal, too.

With so much onboarding being completed remotely, it’s much more obvious when something hasn’t been done. Cezanne HR’s onboarding functionality supports remote onboarding and the system’s e-signature option is a big help as well.

How does Cezanne HR compare with other HR systems you’ve used?

I knew that my legal customer needed a professional HR system, with a database that could do more than what other providers were offering for the SME market. Cezanne HR’s extra functionality and ability to run HR processes made it stand out from its competitors. I did wonder when we first chose Cezanne HR if we’d need to migrate to something bigger down the track, but we’ve never needed to.

When we switched Cezanne HR on for my customer, it was honestly like a Christmas present for me – it makes my job so much easier. It’s the most efficient system in delivering the information that I need to help my customer, and I’m really impressed with how much Cezanne HR does for its money. I particularly love the reporting and the document tracking.

Why do you think the Absence module is so invaluable?

I think of the Absence module as an essential part of the system. The software does everything I need it to do in terms of notifying me if someone has a lot of absence accrued or taken, it does self-certification, and it’s very intuitive like the rest of Cezanne HR.

I’ve also been creative and used the Absence module to help my customer understand who is and isn’t in the office, with an absence plan for ‘COVID-19 office planning’. Employees submit requests to be in the office, and approval is given or denied by their line manager. I’m then able to run reports to see who is in the office and when so I know who to notify if someone comes down with COVID-19.

Tracey McCormick, HR consultant