Secure employee self-service

1. Cut repetitive data entry

HR professionals report spending up to 50% of their time on basic HR administration and data entry – often re-entering information that someone else has sent them. Accurate employee information is essential, but updating it doesn’t have to be an HR only task.

Cezanne HR combines secure, easy-to-use employee and manager self-service with smart approval workflows, so you can let employees safely update their own information without losing control.


Automated workflows

2. Get things done faster

If your organisation relies on email to get things done, you know how easy it is for HR activities to get missed or mislaid and how time-consuming it can be to put it right.

Cezanne HR routes requests and tasks through your workflows, ensuring everyone knows what is expected of them and making it simpler for managers and employees to get things done. You’ll be able to keep an eye on processes and step in if needed.


Document tracking and e-signatures

3. Digitise documents

From health and safety and data security policies to employee contracts and pay awards, ensuring important documents are delivered, read and signed when needed is a whole lot easier with Cezanne HR.

Simply pick one of your templates, choose your recipients and Cezanne HR takes care of the rest, sending out emails with links to the online documents and updating task inboxes. You can check on status at any time, and chase up if needed.


Alongside saving us tons of time, Cezanne HR has everything we need from an HR platform.

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HR portals & workspaces

4. Provide easy access to answers

How much time do you spend answering the same questions, or digging through emails so you can re-send the latest update to a company policy on remote working or return to work?

Cezanne HR comes with configurable HR portals where you can safely store policies, share links to useful sites and start conversations. Portals can be created for all employees as well as specific groups, updates are automatically shared, and everyone knows where to go to get the latest information.

Screenshot of an HR portal using Cezanne HR

Form builder

5. Go paper free

From expense claims and travel loans to requests for flexible working, Cezanne HR’s easy-to-use form builder lets you quickly create online forms that reflect the information you need to collect.

Forms can be routed through approval cycles, reducing errors, saving time and improving compliance. Reporting is easy and, since forms are securely stored in the system, they’ll never get mislaid.

Holiday and Absence Management

6. Make holidays happier

Alongside time-saving online absence requests and approval workflows that your employees will love, Cezanne HR’s absence module makes holiday management simpler for HR teams too.

For example, it automatically calculates holiday entitlements based on the hours employees work, local holidays and your rules. It even helps manage overtime authorisations and Time Off In Lieu. It is one less thing for you to worry about.

holiday calculation table

Employee onboarding and Task manager

7. Take control of employee events

Ensuring everyone plays their part in HR events, such as onboarding new joiners or implementing new working practices, is frequently an administrative headache. The process may be the same every time, but the people aren’t.

With Cezanne HR, task lists can be set up for every event, with as many activities and participants as you need. Trigger the task, and relevant participants will be notified. Everyone knows what is expected of them, and you can see what’s still to be done.


Performance management

8. Streamline review cycles

With Cezanne HR, you won’t need to waste time manually distributing appraisal forms, trying to figure out who has yet to start their performance review, or compiling information so you can run reports.

Instead, you’ll benefit from a single, seamless online performance management process that makes continuous performance reviews and periodic appraisals easier for everyone.


Reports and analytics

9. Get reports in seconds

Fed up with compiling data from different spreadsheets, tracking down missing data or correcting obvious mistakes?

With Cezanne HR, you benefit from accurate, up-to-date reports and graphical analytics at the click of a mouse. And, with easy report scheduling, you can ensure senior managers still receive their reports, even when you are away.

Dashboard and reporting

Legislative compliance

10. Enable easier compliance

The combination of ever-increasing employment legislation and GDPR places a huge administration overhead on HR teams. Just how do you find the time to delete or anonymise data, ensure right-to-work checks are properly carried out or that employees have the right training?

Cezanne HR makes managing HR compliance much simpler. For example, you can set up data retention policies that make it easy to delete or anonymise HR data, get reminders when important renewals are coming up and keep a record of every important event.

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