Lapland, Finland (11 December 2015) — Christmas®, world leading company in toy making and delivery, chooses Cezanne’s online HR software to help support continuous improvement in an extreme business environment.

Christmas® is the world leading toy delivery and manufacturing company. Located in the very north of Europe, it has a long tradition and an outstanding track record for timely delivery and is the best recognized excellence in the market.

The company has recently undergone an internal review process with the aim of streamlining practices and processes across both the production and logistics divisions.

“The demands that timely delivery of high quality customized goods to 1.9 billion customers puts on our organization are formidable” says Dr. S. Claus, CEO of Christmas®, “We are committed to what we call the ‘three zeroes’ pillars of our business: zero returns, zero waist, zero delayed deliveries. In two words: total quality. Add to this the fact that we must react immediately to changes in customer preferences, and you will easily see that we can achieve this very ambitious goal only through a highly motivated team of skilled professionals, constantly monitored and supported by a very efficient Elfish Resources (ER) department. Now with Cezanne’s online solution we can identify potential issues in staffing or in competence mismatch as soon as they arise, so as to focus on solving issues on time instead of managing emergencies.”

Dr. Claus also said that the ample functionality along with the ease of use have been the main deciding factors in choosing Cezanne’s solution.

“Leveraging the streamlined Cezanne HR Performance Management module we can now complete the performance appraisal process just 3 weeks after Christmas, rather than by late spring as was the case. This allows the top management to act on the results and plan training of Elves well in advance, thus resulting in overall better results, both in quality of service and in the satisfaction of our employers.” Mrs. Claus, Head of Elfish Resources

Cezanne’s recruitment module  has allowed us to streamline the selection process for reindeer and elves alike, resulting both in faster processes and better hires.” Rudolph the Red Nose Deer, Head of Logistics

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