4 ways your HR system can help support your culture

Multiple reports and publications tell us that hybrid working is the way forward. If your organisation continued operating with your employees working from home during the lockdowns, you might have observed that some employees thrive while homeworking, while others struggle to stay motivated and are eager to go back to site. But there’s a vast majority of workers who want to have the choice of being able to work at home and on site.

Yet we’re also hearing news of large companies who want their employees to return to the workplace. One of the main concerns is that prolonged homeworking might lead to a loss of company culture. This might pose a challenge to HR as they balance senior leaders’ expectations and employees’ desire for home or hybrid working arrangements.

Using your HR system effectively to support your company culture can help mitigate any negative impacts of homeworking.

1. Onboarding

In a typical office setting, a good onboarding process usually includes meeting key people, completing mandatory training, getting set up with the necessary equipment and account access, etc, all of which allows the employee to get a feel for the company atmosphere, culture and values. These actions should not be forgotten when having to welcome newcomers virtually.

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A good HR system, like Cezanne HR, with employee onboarding capabilities can help ensure important activities aren’t missed and new starters receive a warm welcome – even if it’s remote. The first few weeks can be overwhelming for new employees as there’s so much to learn, so having one accessible HR system to refer to for information and resources helps people digest new information at their own pace. The content that new employees are presented with, and the people they meet will all contribute to the new starter’s first impressions of the company’s culture.

2. Performance management

Working from home for an extended time can lead to some employees feeling isolated, lonely and out of touch with the company. This can cause a dip in employee motivation and productivity, not to mention the negative impact it can have on their physical and mental wellbeing.

Lack of communication between staff can also decrease the camaraderie and cohesiveness of a workforce. Relationship building is not just for onboarding – it must remain an essential activity throughout an employee’s time at the company.

HR systems can be a great tool in supporting line manager and employee relationships, with a single place to record performance conversation outcomes as well as to create and complete performance goals. It’s very easy for performance conversations to be forgotten when there are no written records, or an over-reliance on unmanageable paper forms.

Using check-in and goals functionality, like that offered in Cezanne HR’s Performance Management module, HR and line managers alike can see a timeline of performance to make sure any agreed learning/improvement points are actioned. Maintaining these practices company-wide encourages accountability and ensures that everyone continues to grow and develop in line with the company’s goals and values.

3. Compliance

For many organisations, regardless of industry, compliance and data security are an important part of company culture. HR professionals, as the gatekeepers of people policies and employee data, are constantly having to stay on top of the latest government guidelines and to work with senior management in updating company policies and workforce-related initiatives.

Having one HR system that holds all employee data, with regular security updates and customisable account access, means there’s less likelihood for data mismanagement, double data entry, and inaccurate or outdated information. Not only that, but with the right permissions, staff can update their information like contact details or address, and access important documents detailing cybersecurity or homeworking policies. This helps free up HR’s time on administrative tasks, allowing more opportunity to focus on culture and employee engagement initiatives.

4. Reporting

There has been an increasing trend in organisations to ask HR to provide data that helps drive workforce decisions. Focusing on culture, what data do you need to ensure your company is a healthy and productive place for employees to thrive in?

An HR system like Cezanne HR is the best place to get data that provides tangible insights into company culture. From absence trends to workforce demographics, you can have an in-depth look into the makeup of your workforce, be notified of issues that need to be addressed, and access information to present to the rest of the C-suite table.

While driving culture purely from the top-down is problematic, HR can provide the right tools and resources to employees to help manifest a positive company culture and stamp out any issues that contribute to an unhealthy and toxic work environment.

How do you use your HR system to support your company’s culture?

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