Is your HR department battling a negative image? You’re not alone…

HR teams are increasingly being viewed with scepticism and distrust by employees. Considered only to be working to serve the interests of the business the serve, HR’s negative image is putting their place in the C-suite in jeopardy. Clearly, a transformation is required…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The causes: what HR professionals believe are the core issues behind the growing negative perception of HR
  • Strategies for reform: practical strategies and insights for reshaping HR’s image
  • Insights from senior HR professionals: discover what HR professionals really think is the cause and solution to HR’s negative image
  • Tools for change: Additional resources and information to help support a culture of HR excellence

The time for change is now. Download It’s All HR’s Fault and be at the forefront of the transformation of HR’s image today.

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