London, United Kingdom: Cezanne HR, the leading supplier of comprehensive online HR software for mid-sized UK and global businesses, announces the latest update to their HR software suite.

The release includes significant new options for HR teams to control data visibility at a field level, together with enhancements to the People Management and Timesheet modules.

Field-level control for key data

Having comprehensive and accurate data about the workforce is essential. It allows HR teams to be more effective, enables compliance and improves business efficiency. However, it’s also essential that HR can control who can see or update that information – especially when managing an international workforce.

John Hixon, Director of R&D explains: “In some countries, data about employees, such as gender or ethnicity, can be shared with line managers or even the whole workforce. In others, that data must be kept private. With Cezanne HR, customers could already hide screens from employees based on their security role. This release goes a step further, allowing HR to set selected fields to be hidden, read only, or fully editable.”

Since HR administrators can create as many security roles as they want, each with its own permissions over screens, reports and data, HR have enormous flexibility to configure the system to fit different ways of working or legislative requirements across different departments, divisions or countries.

More calendar configuration options

Cezanne HR’s integrated online calendar has always been a popular feature of Cezanne HR’s core People Management module, and it’s just got even better!

Enormously flexible and easy to access, the calendars are designed so they can be used to record any event the company needs to know about. For example, to allow employees to log when they are working at home, at the workplace, at a customer site, traveling or at a medical appointment.

With this release, HR teams now have the option to set different colours for each of the events they want recorded. It’s the ideal way to ensure employees and their managers can see at a glance where colleagues, peers or team members are – or plan to be – so they can better schedule calls, meetings, or workplace cover.

calendar configuration

calendar colour

An easier way to track timesheet approvals

The August release also includes several enhancements to the Timesheet module, including the addition of a new approval history screen. This makes it easier for employee, approvers and HR to see when timesheets were submitted, approved or queried, and who is involved at each stage of the process: an especially helpful feature where deadlines are tight, or companies have multi-stage approval processes.

approval tasks

Full information about these and other new features in the August 2021 release, including enhancements to our integration with Greenhouse, can be found in the customer support portal.