Anyone responsible for calculating – and managing – holiday entitlements, knows just how complicated and time consuming it can be. You not only have to take account of employee contracts, company leave policies and working time patterns, but legislative requirements too, like the entitlement for part time workers whose standard working time does – or doesn’t – incorporate bank holidays.

If you have an international workforce, each with different working practices and legislative environments, it’s even more of a headache.

That’s something the May 2014 update to Cezanne HR aims to make a whole lot simpler.

Calculate entitlements the smarter way

The latest update to Cezanne’s online HR software service adds a host of new configuration options that not only allow companies to create multiple holiday plans for employees in different countries, but tailor them to support a wide range of local working practices.

For example, in addition to the existing configuration options, companies can now:

  • Calculate holiday entitlements from the employee’s hire date, instead of a specific company-wide date.
  • Adjust the date from which holiday entitlements accrue. For example, an employee starts on the 3rd of January, but for ease you want to calculated holiday from the beginning of your holiday year, which is 1st of January.
  • Only award holiday once it’s been “earned”, a common approach in the US. Employees and their managers can still see what the potential entitlement would be, so can plan time off even if not yet been awarded.
  • Decide whether joiners or leavers who accrue entitlement on a monthly basis, are still entitled to it if they only work part of the month, a standard approach for Italy and the US.

Once you’ve defined your rules, Cezanne’s HR software takes care of the rest, automatically calculating each employee’s holiday entitlement. You’ll save hours of time – and ensure that absence management is fairer and easier to manage for everyone.

More flexibility for payroll and benefits integration

Cezanne’s configurable export options means that interfacing to third party applications is straight-forward. With the this release, we’ve extended the available fields to better support US requirements, including adding an FLSA Exempt Status and the ability to retain a status against an employee that might affect benefits, such as long term disability.

If you’re an existing customer, you can take advantage of these new features right away. If you’ve yet to discover Cezanne, just get in touch. We’d be delighted to show what you can achieve – for you and your business – with Cezanne HR.