Selectiva logoWith nearly 20 years’ experience, SELECTIVA specialises in national and international recruitment of executives and middle managers, along with temporary staffing and outsourcing. Today, the Spanish company is expanding rapidly, and needed an HR system that would help them manage this growth in an organised and systematic way.

After reviewing the various solutions available on the market, Human Resources Director Ana Holgado opted for Cezanne HR’s Cloud HR system as it matched all of their functional requirements, and promised a quick and straight-forward implementation, as well as flexibility and ease of use. The HR system’s pay-per-employee pricing model was also a deciding factor.

People Management, Training, and Performance, the triangle of success

“With Cezanne HR, we’ve gained a better understanding of the people we work with, and put them centre stage too.” Ana explains. “They can update personal details and submit requests to their managers easily – and exchange information and opinions, for example to share details about successful projects that could be replicated by others.”

The company is also making use of features in the system that they hadn’t originally looked for. For example, the training functionality is allowing them to review the development needs of the workforce in a clear and organized way. They are able to look at skill levels, see who has – and hasn’t – attended courses, and view employees’ career histories. This helps to identify future development opportunities, and see if an employee is ready to progress in their career or should remain in their present position. They are also able to efficiently assign employees to specific development plans or arrange group training activities, since they can identify if training is needed for an individual or a particular department.

The company is currently implementing the performance management module, and are expecting the same positive outcome.

Features & Benefits

Cezanne’s human resources management system is being used by all of SELECTIVA’s workforce, and is providing benefits across the whole business. For Ana these include:

Automation: The system is freeing up management time, so there is more time to focus on activities that are of more value to the business.

Analysis and control: The HR team can access and analyse information about the workforce, such as absences, training, and skills. Line managers can also view similar information relating to their team.

Greater visibility: Key information regarding the workforce is not just restricted to HR, but available across the rest of the departments, area managers, and managers.

A more professional approach: The company is saving time and carrying out tasks much more effectively.

Puts people at the centre of the system: Intuitive self service has put people at the heart of the system, giving them the ability to self-manage performance reviews, personal development plans, training and more…

Employee engagement: The creation of forums using the system’s social workspaces functionality has encouraged debate and communication, which has led to a more positive atmosphere and better engagement across the company.