Career & SuccessionCezanne HR, the leading UK supplier of Cloud-native HR software specifically designed for mid-sized and growing UK and international businesses, will showcase the latest enhancements to their HR system at the CIPD’s upcoming HRSS 2017.

Developed with mid-sized organisations in mind, Cezanne HR’s new Career & Succession module combines ease of use with sophisticated functionality. It will help companies to take a more proactive and organised approach to identifying and developing the people required to fill critical roles.

“The future health of organisations, whatever their size, depends on how well they cultivate and retain employees at virtually every level,” explains John Hixon, Director of Research and Development at Cezanne HR. “Having on-going training and development programmes provides part of the solution. But, to be fully effective, HR needs a way to make the vital link between the future needs of the business and the aspirations and potential of employees.”

Cezanne HR’s new Career & Succession module aims to do just this. The new functionality is designed to allow HR teams to quickly access key data, such as the potential, mobility, length in position, preferred career moves and readiness of employees; map out succession plans; and check to see if they have appropriate cover for key roles across the organisation as well as plan career moves across the business.

This broader approach means the new functionality is designed to add value at every level of the organisation—not just the top tier, as was historically the case with succession planning software.

Customers benefit from visual tools, such as drag & drop nine-box grids and information-rich organisation charts. “Succession and career planning has a lot of dependencies”, says John. “So it’s important that HR can not only easily see the data that’s needed to support career and succession conversations, but work with it in a way that’s intuitive and interactive. By mapping data graphically, we make it simpler for HR professionals to dynamically plan future moves as well as see key information, such as position readiness, risks or succession gaps.”

About the HR Software Show 2017

Held at Olympia, London on June 14th and 15th, the CIPD’s annual HR Software show brings together the UK’s leading suppliers of recruitment and HR Software. More information about the event and the exhibitors can be found here:

About Cezanne HR

Cezanne HR is the leading supplier of modular, configurable Cloud-native HR software for mid-sized and growing UK and international businesses. Headquartered in the UK, with users in over 80 countries, Cezanne HR’s systems are quick to implement, easy to manage and, like the company’s customers, growing all the time. Pricing and information about the other modules in the Cezanne HR suite can be found at

To pre-book a demo of Cezanne HR at HRSS 2017, simply e-mail or call 020 7202 2720.