The latest update to Cezanne HR’s Cloud HR Software includes a bright new theme, a quicker approach to uploading regional calendars and an improved password reset process.

The lead up to the festive break is always a busy time for HR, so with the latest release, we’re aiming to give helping hand.

With 2017 fast approaching. we’ve added a new feature that makes it more straightforward to import national holidays into the Cezanne HR system’s calendar.  HR administrators simply select from the country drop-down list and choose the country calendars that are appropriate for their business. The system automatically checks to see which dates have already been set up, so there’s no danger of overwriting existing information.

Key countries covered to date include England, Wales and Scotland, Northern and Southern Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the USA and the Netherlands, with others to be added on demand.

Screenshot of Cezanne HR software multi-country import features

Other time-saving features introduced in this release include the ability to print out team calendars, further options around approval delegation, faster linking to notifications, and changes to employee logins that make the password reset process more straightforward for employees (and will free up HR’s time too.)

Last, but not least, the November release introduces cleaner styling and a fresh new colour palette; the perfect antidote to shorter days and gloomier skies! A vibrant blue option has been added to the existing themes, giving HR the option to pick the colour palette that works best with their own company branding. Further choices are planned, so if you’ve a colour scheme you’d like to see, please let us know.


The new features have been rolled out to all customers. Full information on the latest release can be found in the support portal.