Cezanne HR today announced the availability of the latest addition to their growing suite of online HR solutions. The new module, called Time, will make it simpler for employees to accurately record how they spend their work time.

John Hixon, Cezanne HR’s R&D Director, says that adding time recording to the company’s product portfolio was the next logical step: “It was a capability that customers had asked for, and we knew that our Cloud HR technology platform would allow us to develop a really robust and effective solution.”

With the new module, HR administrators or authorised managers can easily set up time plans with associated projects, activities and activity types (overtime or travel, for example), for as many different groups of employees as they want. The system then automatically generates timesheets, notifying employees that they need to be completed before routing them through approval processes.

Since the module takes advantage of employee data already in the core Cezanne HR system, set up is simpler and everyone benefits from a more complete view. For example, timesheets automatically display each employee’s working hours, as well as public holidays and (with Cezanne HR’s Absence module) booked time off. Duplicate data entry is avoided and timesheet accuracy improved.

It’s also easier for approvers, since they’ll be able to quickly review, accept or reject timesheets using the same familiar Cezanne HR interface.

Features of the new Time module include:

  • Ability to track any kind of time, not just projects (e.g. training courses)
  • Option to record end/start time or duration
  • Straight-forward self-service interface with real-time calculations and visual alerts
  • Automatic routing of completed timesheets for approval
  • Clear visibility over billable versus non-billable time and overtime information
  • Full integration with Cezanne’s People module, and optionally with Absence

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the Time module follows the same transparent per employee pricing model as the other modules in the Cezanne HR suite, making it a remarkably affordable company-wide solution. The module is available in English (UK & US), Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil), Italian, French and German. Pricing is available on Cezanne HR’s website.

About Cezanne HR

The team at Cezanne HR have been developing successful HR solutions for decades; first as client/server, then across the web, and now from the Cloud.

Today, the company is leading the way in delivering on the promise of HR software in the Cloud: offering high quality, easily manageable and automatically updated HR systems at a price unthinkable before.

Cezanne’s systems are quick to implement and easy to use, without sacrificing the sophistication or security that businesses demand – and are significantly more cost-effective than older-style HR applications. Modules available today include core HR admin (People), Absence, Performance and now Time. Integrated online recruitment and payroll solutions are also available.

Headquartered in the UK, with offices in Italy, Spain, Brazil, and the US, Cezanne HR is helping thousands of users worldwide to streamline HR processes, increase productivity and improve the way their businesses run.

For more information visit https://cezannehr.com or call 020 7202 2727