Cezanne HR are happy to confirm that the latest update to Cezanne HR was rolled out at the weekend, and is now available to customers in all supported languages.  As well as planned enhancements to the new document generation feature, the release includes a number of improvements suggested by clients.

Longer entries in the daily email digest

For many Cezanne HR customers, the daily email digest is a popular feature. It provides employees with a convenient summary of the latest posts to the company’s HR portal and relevant social workspaces.  However, feedback suggested that the 60 characters allowed for each news item was just too short: employees had to click through their Cezanne HR software to read the full article.

As much as we love clients spending time in their Cezanne HR system, we recognise that convenience is key. That’s why, in the latest release we’ve extended the number of characters for each post to 300. It won’t accommodate War and Peace, but we are confident that it’s enough to covey the most important message!

A new solution for the headcount conundrum

Most organisations take on temporary or contract staff from time to time – perhaps to cover for a colleague that’s on an extended holiday or maternity leave. While it’s useful to add these employees to an HR system, so you’ve got all of the relevant information to hand, you may not want them to appear as a headcount in your reports.

The latest release includes an option to flag that specific employees shouldn’t count towards total headcount.  You’ll benefit from all of the same functionality – including full self service  – but they won’t skew your headcount figures. It’s also a handy feature for staff that are on sabbatical, or other long-term leave, where it makes sense to exclude them from your overall employee figures.

Quicker course information

Hot on the heels of the new document generation feature are improvements to the training area in the core Cezanne HR People module. There is now the option to add fully formatted course descriptions, with links to external sites and document attachments – such as venue information, or additional course descriptions.

Cezanne HR Software Training Activity DescriptionCourses can be rated to show their popularity, and descriptions are quickly accessible, so it’s easy for line managers or employees to check it’s the appropriate activity before a session is requested.

Full information about the latest update is available to customers via the Cezanne HR support portal.