New functionality ensures employees receive – and read – important company documents.

Staying on top of the paperwork associated with human resources management can easily become overwhelming. Health and safety policies, employee handbooks, absence processes, expense policies, acceptable use and social media guidelines… the list goes on. Without a means of centralising and organising the flow of these documents, it’s easy to waste time, money, and resources.

Securely store and share key documents

Companies using Cezanne’s HR software already benefit from an integrated HR portal with employee workspaces that allows them to easily store documents, share company news, publish notifications, invite feedback, and more.

Documents can not only be organised into categories, making them easier to find, but can be made available to selected employees as well. This makes it an especially powerful tool for companies that want to build up a central library of HR-related documents – and make them accessible to different employees. For example, HR will be able to provide different guides on performance or disciplinary reviews based on the employee’s position in the company, or different policies based on location.

Easily track who has received and read documents

With the latest release, Cezanne addresses another common HR headache: how to ensure that employees know about – and read – important company documents.

Simply upload a document into the Cezanne HR system, select who needs to read it and the deadline date, and trigger the notification. The system takes care of the rest, creating a task against the employee’s record, automatically emailing them to let them know there is a document they need to read, and sending reminders if deadlines aren’t met.

At any time, HR can easily see who has – and hasn’t – signed to say they’ve completed the task so they can chase up if they need to. And, since the system keeps a complete history of all of the documents shared this way, it’s easy for HR to refer back to them if they need to – and for employees to review the history of documents sent to them, and re-read them if they want to.


Automatically available at no extra cost

The latest enhancements are part of Cezanne’s commitment to continuously extending and improving the features available to customers as part of their monthly subscription fee.

Existing customers can take advantage of these new features right away. If you’ve yet to discover Cezanne – get in touch. We’d be delighted to show you what you and your business can achieve with Cezanne HR.