March 2014 update of Cezanne HR extends roles-based security to allow customers to easily ‘clone and modify baseline security roles to provide more tailored control over access to data.

In today’s people-focussed businesses, it’s not enough to have accurate employee data in your HR software. You need to make that information available so that it can be used to drive employee engagement and performance – but without compromising data integrity or security. Employees expect to be able to update their own information, request time-off, or complete appraisals online. Line managers need to instant access to team data if they are to take a more proactive role in managing their people.

As companies grow in size, open more office, or expand internationally, it is obviously vital that HR software systems match the needs of the business to control who can see and update data based on roles and responsibilities.

Cezanne has made this straightforward to manage by introducing a new feature that allows the HR administrator to simply ‘clone’ one of the baseline security roles, and then modify it to reflect the requirements of that specific role within the business.

Cezanne expects this new feature to be especially valuable to larger companies and those with international operations. For example, a senior divisional or country manager could be allowed to see the salary information for everyone in the teams reporting to them, while the line managers can have their permissions limited to exclude salary and benefits information.

Other new features included in the March 2014 release include auto generation of Person Codes and Employment IDs with customer-defined prefixes, and further extensions to Cezanne HR’s API.

John Hixon, Director of R&D at Cezanne HR explains: “With an increasing number of third parties building integrations between their own business solutions and Cezanne HR, we identified areas of the API that could be improved. This release reflects our on-going commitment to making it easy for companies to work with us.” Cezanne makes no charge to companies that wish to make use of the API to build interfaces to Cezanne HR.