Rapid evolution of the business meant the company needed to adopt an HR management software system that was flexible, easy to use and would support the company’s growth over time.

Neomobile was founded in 2007, a spin-off of the mobile activities of a telecommunications company. Since then the company has grown rapidly and, with a series of acquisitions, has become an international player in the field of mobile entertainment and mobile payment. In partnership with mobile operators, Neomobile offers a wide range of innovative downloadable and cloud-based products. The interactive digital content developed and marketed by the company are accessible from a wide range of devices; feature phones, smart phones, PC and tablets.

With 300 employees, including 120 technical staff, and a presence in 14 countries, Neomobile is today a global provider of mobile commerce.

The defining characteristic: dynamism

A significant feature of company’s relentless growth has been a young and highly mobile workforce, where job rotation and overseas postings are the norm. Support is provided by the HR department in Rome; a team of ten responsible for all of company’s HR functions. “The group typically used Excel as the tool to manage human resources, which resulted in a series of critical errors that affected the overall efficiency of HR processes”, explains Enrica Lipari, HR Manager at Neomobile.

The company realised they needed to find a comprehensive HR system that would streamline HR processes, and free up time for higher value activities.

The selection criteria

“We evaluated a number of pre-configured HR solutions, however they did not meet our requirements. While they were ready to use, they were also highly inflexible. We would have had to adapt our processes to the software, which given the dynamic nature of our business, was not viable,” Lipari explains.

Other solutions needed a lot of time for requirement definition. Neomobile didn’t want to take this route either. It would have meant tying up valuable resources, with the risk that the final solution would not have been in line with their expectations.

The company then evaluated Cezanne HR. The Cloud-based HR system appeared to be a good match for their requirements: offering the HR features the business needed without constraining the flexibility of their internal processes.

Simple, flexible and sustainable

Among the features that attracted Neomobile to Cezanne HR was the simplicity of both system configuration and use. The company was able to tailor the system to their way of working, rather than having to substantially change their internal processes. “Of course, the pay per use approach was especially appreciated. It’s perfectly suited to our ever-changing business reality,” notes Enrica Lipari. With Cezanne HR, customers pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of active employees under management during that month.

Neomoble are also happy with the support they received from Cezanne. “Cezanne’s skilled staff provided us with all of the assistance we asked for during the set up – and since,” says Neomobile’s HR manager.

The company has now implemented all of Cezanne’s HR modules, from core personnel information to employee performance management.