The latest update designed to save valuable HR time, help with essential record keeping and improve employee service delivery

As anyone that works in HR will tell you, managing the flow of essential documents and emails around the organisation takes up far too much time. The paper trail starts before an employee joins, and often continues long after they have left. According to recent research by IDC, HR teams estimate that 31% of their time could be freed up by addressing what they call the document disconnect.

The latest enhancements to Cezanne HR’s online HR software aims to bridge this gap. HR can now take advantage of the data already stored in their HR system to quickly and easily generate and distribute personalised documents and emails–from employment offers to confirmation of salary rises, promotions or training attendance–without leaving their Cezanne HR system.


An inbuilt editor makes it simple to set up document and email templates (either from scratch or by making use of existing Word or PDF documents). And, with over 130 employee-related fields to choose from, HR have a powerful tool for creating a wide range of tailored communications.

Since documents and emails are automatically saved against employee records in the Cezanne HR software system, they are totally protected by the system’s security and also can be referred back to at any time.

John Hixon, Director of R&D at Cezanne HR says, “Talking to customers, it was clear that to add real value, we needed to offer more than just a basic document generation tool. That’s why we’ve include a full-functioning editor, and the option to merge in data from so many employee fields.”

The new feature complements the existing document upload and tracking features already available in the system and reflects Cezanne HR’s continuous development approach, with new features being added to the system almost every month–and is available to subscription customers at no extra cost.

For more information about document generation and other great features in Cezanne HR, visit the HR software product tour.