Intelligent Workflows for Approving Time Off

Setting up your approval rules for paid time off and sickness plans might seem simple at first: you probably want requests to go to the employee’s manager for approval.

But it is very common among our customers to want to route different requests in different ways – depending on the type of absence or location. For example, in situations where an employee wants to change an absence after it’s been approved, it may be better to route the request via HR.

Or, you might want a different way of approving time off in different countries or subsidiary companies. For example, you may want your employees in say, UK and Spain, to have their requests approved by their local line managers, whereas requests from employees in the Netherlands or US are routed to an HR professional.

In the Cezanne HR system, it is incredibly easy to support these and other workflow scenarios. You simply set up your generic process which covers most cases (for example, using line manager approval). You can then add additional processes with the appropriate approvers and link them to a specific absence plan. This might be a plan for sickness, or a country specific absence plan.

Intelligent Workflow - photo Sept2015

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