Online performance reviews

Simplify your complete process

Take the pain out of employee performance reviews with Cezanne HR’s integrated Performance module. Designed with flexibility in mind, it saves you time and ensures performance reviews are simpler and more productive for everyone.

  • Create as many review forms as you want
  • Route reviews through your appraisal cycles
  • Support multi-rater / 360 feedback
  • Track progress and benefit from centralized reporting
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Screenshot of online performance reviews in Cezanne HR

Flexible review builder

Build forms that work for you.

Create as many performance planning and appraisal forms as you want, so you can capture the information your organisation needs.


Include guidance

Ensure reviewers and reviewees understand the purpose of the exercise, and what they need to do to complete forms successfully.

Set SMART objectives

Include measurable, time-driven objectives in your forms and/or allow manager and/or employees to add or edit their own.

Assess competencies & behaviours

Make it simpler for participants to objectively rate competencies and behaviours, and benchmark against expected scores.


Ask open questions

Add multiple choice or open questions with free text boxes, so reviewers and reviewees can provide context or detail where required.

Define ratings & weightings

Choose how to rate and weight responses, so you have a clearer view of the importance of each employee’s contribution.

Gather recommendations

Incorporate sections focused on training and development needs, or to capture managers’ salary recommendations.


Automated distribution

Save hours of time

Performance gives you the freedom to reflect your performance review cycles, from straight-forward end-of-year employee and manager appraisals to multi-participant, multi-stage performance planning and review – including 360.

Once you’ve defined your performance review cycle, just kick off the process and the system takes care of the rest, sending out email notifications, updating task inboxes and helping keep performance processes running smoothly.

Automated Distribution using Cezanne HR

The system is just making the whole performance management process much more uniform and efficient and is saving so much time

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Manager and Employee self-service

Support the conversation

Clear screens and straight-forward navigation ensure that reviews are easy to complete and forms can be saved as a private work-in-progress for completion later, or output to PDF.
As each participant finished their part of the process, the system automatically notifies the next person in the cycle.

Since Performance is fully integrated with your core Cezanne HR system, reviewers can look at performance in a wider context, perhaps to check on career history or recent development activities, helping ensure more informed discussions.

Cezanne HR manager and employee self-service in laptop and an ipad

Dashboard & Reporting

Make decisions with confidence

With inbuilt performance dashboards and reporting, you’ll benefit from complete visibility over key information, from review completion rates across different teams to performance ratings, identified training needs and salary recommendations.

Since agreed objective and development activities are now recorded online – and always available – participants are less likely to lose sight of what has been agreed, and you’ll find it easier to encourage a sustained focus on achieving performance objectives.

Cezanne HR dashboard and reporting

Break down international barriers

Think local, act global

In common with the other modules in the Cezanne HR suite, Performance is designed for organisations with employees in one country, or in many.

Easy setup options, advanced security, configurable workflows and free language translations ensure you can reflect the needs of individual departments, divisions, companies or countries.

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