Top five tips to get your employees using self-service HR

So you’ve signed up to the software, input the employee data and you’re ready to roll with your new automated self-service HR system… Brilliant!

However, having the technology in place isn’t always enough in itself.  You need to make sure your people understand the changes and are on board with the move to self service.

These are our 5 top tips to making sure employees switch quickly and seamlessly to your new self-service HR system.

Plan the launch

Think carefully about how you will communicate the changes to your people.  Explain why you are moving to an automated system and how it will help both the business and them personally.  Promote the timescale for introduction well in advance so that people are prepared and there are no surprises.

Run a pilot

It’s worth considering running a small pilot first – maybe in just one team or department.  It’s a good way to check that everything is set up to work in the way you want it to – but also to demonstrate to people just how much more efficient and streamlined your processes will be.  Those who’ve taken part in the pilot will be able to reassure others who may have concerns and can act as advocates for your new self-service HR approach.

Identify the influencers

Who are the key people who will encourage others to embrace the new system quickly?  Identify the main influencers in your business and remember that they are not always the people who are in positions of authority.  Make sure these key people understand the benefits of the new approach early on so that they are in a position to talk to others and answer questions about how it will work.

Provide training on your self-service HR system

HR software solutions like Cezanne HR are intuitive and very easy to use, but people are often nervous about anything that’s new and not all your employees may be comfortable with technology. Consider running short training sessions for small groups to help everyone get familiar with the system – and make sure back-up information is readily available if they need to refresh their memory (a simple email with step-by-step instructions should suffice).

Start slowly

People like to do things the way they’ve always done them – so why not nudge them gently towards the change with something that’s important to them, like requesting annual leave for example?  Once they see how easy it is to get an update on their holiday entitlement and get speedy authorisation for requests, they will soon stop putting those paper forms on your desk.

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