Self service functionality is already well integrated into our everyday lives: online shopping, social media, ordering dinner, booking flights, etc. So, why not bring it into our work lives as well?

Self service can prove valuable for everyone in the organisation. It allows HR to focus on more than just admin, managers to have a clear view of their teams, and employees to access their personal records and request holidays. Gone are the days when employees, line managers and HR professionals chased each other for people-related queries!

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There are lots of benefits to implementing HR systems with self service functionality, but there’s still a chance of resistance among the masses. Here are four tips to make sure your self service rollout goes smoothly.

Dependent on the modules you choose, your new HR system will have a diverse range of self service options. Decide which feature of the system you’d like your employees to be familiar with first and work from there.

For example, you may want to begin by giving employees access to their contact profiles to allow them to make any necessary changes. Once they’re comfortable logging in and moving around the system, introduce them to the absence module and allow them to log sick days and book holidays. Then, add workspaces to the HR portal to make sure everyone is engaged.

Identify influencers

Which people in the company will be able to help you convince the masses? Identify the influencers in your organisation (not just the managers!) and make sure they are clear on the benefits of self service. If they’re supportive of the objectives and benefits of the new approach from the beginning, they will be able to help you spread the word and answer questions.

You could even pilot the new software to this group of influencers, to make sure any kinks are dealt with and you know where some employees may need extra training.

Clarify the benefits

There will be a host of benefits and new functionalities available for your employees. For example, the ability to book annual leave online (or on a smartphone), engage with colleagues via the HR portal, easily view team calendars and who’s out of the office, or check the latest employee handbook. Learn more about Cezanne HR’s benefits here.

If your employees and managers understand how self service helps them, they’ll find it easier to connect with the system and be more likely to use it. Make sure this information is heard loud and clear: you could send it in an email or discuss it at a company-wide meeting.

Make it easy

Although HR software solutions like Cezanne HR aren’t difficult to use, you may have some resistance from employees who are nervous about using something new or are not comfortable with technology. Consider simplifying the login for employees by enabling Single Sign-On, or starting them off with a short training class (and/or handout), so employees know what the system is for and how to use it.

Regularly re-evaluate how you use the software

Implementing new systems or technology across an organisation requires time and potentially trial and error. Everyone will come across different roadblocks when adjusting to change. It’s not enough to introduce it once and hope for the best. Evaluate what has worked and what can be improved on from your original plan and try again. Do this as many times as necessary until everyone is confident with using the software.

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